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  • In search of Photography group in Oakland

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    Hello there! I'm a freelance family photographer and I'm moving from Brooklyn to Berkeley with my husband and 3 yo daughter in August. I'm wondering if there are any existing photography groups in the area that I can join? Or maybe there are some family photography classes that you recommend? Any info much appreciated!

    I moved from Brooklyn a little under 2 years ago- also a photographer - I’ve been searching for a group as well. Would love to connect if interested!

  • Photography Summer Camps for teens

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    Do you know of any local photography summer camps or classes for a 14 year old? He's beyond the age range for Galileo Summer Quest and I can't find anything else. Thanks!

    I think the Apple Store offers a short one for free. 

    I am looking for one for my soon to be 14 year old daughter too, so if you find anything, please let me know! So far, in Marin I've found one place that sounds really good.  It's called The Image Flow and it's in Mill Valley.

    Check out Amplify Sleep Away Camp For Girls . They have a really cool photography and film making program and the whole camp is for teens. Our daughter Tess attended last summer and just loved it!

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Digital photography class for mom & teenage son?

Aug 2015

My 15 year old son has fallen for photography, the digital version. I have done some photography in the past, but only film. We're looking to take a class and learn some of the fundamentals together. Any thoughts about where to go? Thanks so much. shutterbugs

Keep an eye out for digital photography lessons on Groupon or LivingSocial. They often have sessions at a good value. FYI, most photography classes at JCs or art schools start with film photography. Ruth Ann

I just took a morning workshop with Brad at Future Light, which is right at Jack London Square in Oakland. The workshop taught all about how to use the camera my DH got me years ago that I'd been totally intimidated by! Brad is very articulate, patient and thorough. He has a variety of classes/workshop. You can find the studio here: Good luck! Michelle

Photography camp for 11 year old

Jan 2015

My 11 year old daughter has just informed me that she is interested in photography and would like to do a summer camp this year that focuses on that. Does anyone know of a camp like this? photo-mania

The City of El Cerrito rec dept offers a digital photography half-day camp. See their  website at
EC camper mom

Photography summer camp for 13 year old

April 2013

Is there a summer camp out there for teens interested in photography? My 13 yo is very interested-thanks! shutterbug's mom

Young Artist Studio at California College of the Arts. Jennifer

Summer photography class for 14 year old

May 2010

My son is 14 and already a good photographer but he would like to take a class this summer. We tried to enroll him at Laney but due to the budget cuts high school students can no longer take summer classes there (or any I think?). We live in San Leandro so I would like a class in the area, or Oakland or Berkeley. He is too young for the CCA Atelier program and the dates for their middle school program don't work. He has time the end of June and all of July. He's interested in ANY type--b, color, darkroom, digital, etc... Do you have any suggestions? THANKS!

My 16yo daughter went to SOCAPA in LA a couple of summers ago and loved it. It is pricey but she learned so much and really enjoyed herself. The link to the website is Trish

Photography Classes/Camp for 13 yr old

May 2010

I am desperate to find a photography class for my 13 year old daughter. She has NO PLANS for the whole summer because she refuses to do anything without a friend. The only thing she seems to be interested in is photography and I have not been able to find any classes for teens in the Walnut Creek or Lamorinda areas for her age group. Any ideas? I'm feeling desperate, especially because she is boy crazy and needs something else to focus on over the summer. HELP!

Check out Diablo Valley College's College for Kids summer program. They have a photography class plus LOTS of other offerings and the cost is very modest. ---

My friend Karen Frock teaches photography classes for kids and teens; she's based in Moraga. She has loads of experience working with kids, since she is also an elementary school teacher (in addition to being an all-around cool person). I don't know what her schedule is like this summer, but you can find her portfolio and contact information at Jennifer

Portrait photography class

June 2007

I am interested in learning more about professional portrait photography. Has anyone taken a great class they can recommend? Do you know any photogrpahers who would be willing to take on an apprentice? Thanks!

Golden Gate School of Professional Photography, holds its 24th annual summer session on the Mills College campus June 18-21 Classes you might consider: For beginning professionals: For running a successful photography business There is also a Professional Lighting Techniques class.
Eliot Khuner

Rolleiflex camera lessons

Sept 2003

I have a 1940s Rolleiflex view camera that used to belong to my father. I would love it if a photographer out there could help me learn how to use it. It needs some minor repairs (I could use some advice regarding where to get it fixed, as well) but after it's up and running I would really like some tutoring in its use. It's a beautiful camera and I would love to use it. Are there any Rolleiflex experts out there? Susan

Congrats on the Rolleiflex camera. You didn't mention if it was a twin lens reflex or a single lens reflex. At any rate, the most important thing beyond learning how to use your camera proficiently is learning how to compose within the viewfinder. You need someone who can guide you through the process moving out from the basics to developing ''your eye''. Edie Fogel teaches classes for people like yourself. People that want to understand the mechanics of their camera but also want to develop their unique vision. Edie graduated from Rochester University, one of the leading schools for photography in the world. She's been teaching workshops for people on how to develop their vision for several years now. Her next class should start in October. You can view her work and her student's work at, or call her at 510-597-1047. Best, Beth

Although it would be on an informal basis, if they don't have a store full of customers, David or Andy at Elmwood Camera on College (just south of Ashby) would like nothing better to do but pontificate about the ins and outs of using a nice old classic like your Roloflex. They probably would even have a reccomendation on where to get it fixed, cleaned, etc... I don't know if they would be interested in any kind of formal set-up for tutoring/teaching

4x5 View Camera Tutorial

October 2001

Hi! I'm in desparate need of somebody or someplace that can give me a lesson on how to use a 4x5 view camera. If anybody knows of a class or even a person (I'd gladly pay them for their time) that would be willing to give a lesson, please contact me as soon as possible at the following numbers. Thank you so much.

SF City College offers classes in view camera techniques. Otherwise, I would suggest just contacting Looking Glass and asking them for a referral. Toby

Teen Photography Class

August 2000

Studio One in North Oakland offers a teen photography class Mondays 4-6 They also have adult classes later in the eve that are open to teens. My 14yr daughter is taking the calss now and is enjoying it. lynn

I also have 14 year old daughter interested in a summer photography class so i have been looking and this is what I have found. Studio One (45th St. N Oakland) has classes which run one 3 hr class a week $72 (approx 8 weeks) these are adult classes which allow teens. They have in the recent pass offered teen only classes as well once a week 2hrs $37. I am waiting for there new schedule to come out. Classes start June 26. There # is 597-5027. i have taken jewelry and ceramic classes at studio one in the past and been very happy.

Laney College has summer photography and will allow teens in their classes. Classes start June 19th. 4 hour classes 3 times a week. Cost is cheap maybe $15-30 834-5740 900 Fallon St Oakland

UC Berkeley extension also has photography classes starting June 8 - Aug 10, 3hr classes once a week $460.( ouch) I have not yet confirmed that they allow teens.

The photographer who owns Albany Arts on Solano Ave also gives private color photography. classes. If you find anything else please let me know. we have not made a decision yet as I am waiting on Studio One.

UC Extension does allow teens in their classes. My daughter took a drama class there and a co-worker's son has taken several creative writing classes. Their experience was wonderful, particularly because they got a lot of attention for being so young from the other students. The dynamics are certainly different in a mixed age class and my daughter learned a lot from being exposed to people of all ages many of whom were impressed by her age and the fact that she was taking an adult class seriously. She was also exposed to a class in which every single student there was more than interested in learning and participated and cared. New experience for her! Lynn

In addition to the options mentioned in the last newsletter, there are several classes specifically for teens -- unfortunately in S.F. rather than the East Bay.

San Francisco Parks and Rec runs a program for teens at the city darkroom at the Harvey Milk Recreation Center on Duboce Street. It runs about 2 or 2.5 hours 3 days a week, I think for 3 week sessions. There are at least 2 sessions. Easily accessible by public transportation.

The Friends of Photography at the Ansel Adams Photography Center runs a separate program, also held at Harvey Milk, starting in late June for either 2 or 3 weeks, 3-6 pm, called High School Docents, which involves a lot of darkroom work. Both these programs are free, I believe. 415-495-7000x312

The San Francisco Art Institute has art courses for high school students, including different levels of photography, color as well as b Four weeks, 3 hours/class, $400/class. This is a highly reputed program, also accessible by public transportation. 415-749-4554

One sleepaway option is Idyllwild Summer Arts Program in the Southern Calif desert. It sounds incredible -- 6 hours/day, living in a teenage artist colony. I found them on the web after being recommended by some local art teachers. Two week sessions.


Studio One in North Oakland offers a teen photography class Mondays 4-6 They also have adult classes later in the eve that are open to teens. My 14yr daughter is taking the calss now and is enjoying it. lynn (8/00)

Studio One, part of Oakland Parks and Rec, has a very inexpensive teen photo class one afternoon/week, 4-6 p.m. Older teens are welcome to join adult classes there. Lili

Beginning Adult Class

July 2001

I'm interested in taking a beginning photography course mainly dealing with black and white photos. Does anyone have any recommendations of schools, classes, instructors in the area? Kate

the ASUC Art Studio at UCB offers great photography courses for all levels: if you like san francisco, the Harvey Milk Recreational Center of Duboce Street also has some great classes and has a HUGE dark room (some 40 enlargers). - carrie

City College in SF has a full range of photography courses with many good instructors and are relatively inexpensive. I would highly recommend them. Visit their web site at In the East Bay UC Extension has courses that I've heard are very good, although fairly expensive (around $300-400). The ASUC Art Studio on the Berkeley campus has beginning photography classes that are pretty good. There's also Studio 1 in Oakland. I don't know much about them. -- Toby

The California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland is fabulous! They have a wonderful darkroom and most of the teachers from whom I've taken courses are very patient but also talented.