Music Production Classes

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Sept 2009

My 16 year old son is desparately looking for a music production class as an afterschool/Sat. activity. Most courses are offered in a career type format not a single class. He is still in H.S. so that is not an option. Also, not interested in travling into S.F. We live in the Oakland Hills.

My son took an on-line music production course recently, from Berklee School of Music (the one in Boston). We were very resistant to his taking an on-line rather than in-person class, but he persisted in explaining how much he wanted to do it and ultimately we shelled out the hefty fee and bought the required keyboard and software. It's been fabulous! Great feedback from the instructor and other students, and our son is engaged and learning a lot. My sense is it's hard work and genuinely useful, though I don't understand a lot of what he is learning. I'm looking forward to seeing what others post, since our son is really interested in this field, but can definitely recommend his course as one option.