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Music teacher for budding band of 10 year olds

Jan 2011

Hello- I was looking for recommendations for a ''band'' teacher for a group of 10 year old boys. We would like the boys to be taught together by an instructor knowledgeable in many instruments.....many of the kids can play several of the instruments but are all beginners. I saw old archives of an instructor that taught in Albany, but would prefer to stay in Oakland, and preferably in one of our private homes (where the kids can keep their drum set set up!) Thanks! Jen

I would recommend Rick Elmore AKA professor Gizmo one man band. I hired him for Trombone lessons for my son he plays everything. Great with kids! He is in Pinole now. His #415-826-7792

BandWorks School of Rock is a perfect place for your son's group to develop their band. Students can join bands as individuals, or as a group in Oakland, in fully equipped studios, that include a full drum sets, keyboards, and PA systems. Plus, bands get to perform at Ashkenaz (in Berkeley) at the end of the session. Bands are being formed right now for the upcoming session that starts the week of Jan. 31. You can go to to find out more, call 510. 843. 2263, or email me at julie [at] Hope this helps! Julie

Piano/violin/clarinet/trumpet teacher

Dec 2008

My musically omnivorous 9 year old plays piano and a little guitar and now wants to add another instrument -- violin, trumpet, or clarinet. So I have three questions: 1) do you have a recommendation for how he might try these different instruments to see what he might want to play? 2) do you have a recommendation for a fun violin, trumpet or clarinet teacher in Oakland? 3) can you recommend a teacher who teaches BOTH piano and another instrument, so that he wouldn't have to have multiple lessons? Thanks... omnivore's mom

Wow! Your child seems like the perfect fit for Berkeley music teacher Daniel Tucker. He is such an inspiring role model for musical children. Playing dozens of instruments himself, he really allows the kids to explore different sounds and get a sense of what really resonates with who they are. He teaches the piano, guitar, harmonium (a really cool sounding indian instrument), all kinds of percussion, and he plays the violin, flute, saxophone and much more. Music time with Daniel is always fun, exploratory, and character building. We highly recommend him! Check out his website: Jessica

I think you'd be in good hands with Michael Rubin. Although primarily a piano teacher, he has taught many different instruments in school programs. When our son broke his leg and couldn't sit at the piano, they switched to guitar for several months. He's a very nice man, great with kids, and comes to your house. He can be reached at 269-4298 or 206-6265. heidi

For anyone looking for an excellent piano or violin teacher, I have just the person! Her name is Gail Machlis and she is by far the best music teacher I have encountered. She is particulaarly good with kids and establishes a strong rapport with them. Of all the classes my son goes to, piano lessons are his favorite and Gail is his favorite teacher! We just love her! She teaches in her home in half hour increments and is very reasonable. You can reach her at gmachlis [at] or by phone at 510-845-5284

Feb 2000

I would like to recommend an excellant music teacher. We became friends after she began teaching my 9 year old son saxophone several years ago. He had been in beginning band at Malcolm X (BUSD)and was feeling very discouraged. Sara Wild helped build his confidence tremendously, at the same time teaching him the basics of the instrument as well as Jazz improvisation. Sara lives in Berkeley and can be reached at #843-1319 and this is what she has to say about herself in a recent flyer. I am a conservatory trained musician specializing in Jazz and Latin music, but open to any kind of music that you'd like to learn. I teach in a relaxed and supportive environment and also lead ensembles for beginners and intermediate players Sara teaches trumpet, trombone, alto sax, clarinet, flute and cello.

April 1999

I think he is listed elsewhere in the web pages -- my kids are going to Ian Willson in Albany. He plays about five different instruments. He has gotten my 13-yr old daughter's interest by having her learn chording and play Beatles' tunes. He got my son into jazz and blues. And we all sing together when I come to pick my daughter up, so he's got me too. I recommend him highly. He is at 527-3665. Barbara

Sept 1998

If you are looking for instrument lessons (for childen or adults), call Holy Names College Preparatory Music Department. They have fabulous teachers. Telephone: 510-436-1224. I can personally recommend two Suzuki violin teachers (Wendy Reid and Dorothy Lee). Trish