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    From: Toby (2/99)

    There are several modeling/acting classes in the Bay Area, depending on what you your child to be able to do with the training. Try ACT (in SF). They have a good acting program for kids, kind of expensive. Also, Kids on Camera (also in SF), which pretty much specializes in getting kids ready for modeling and show business (they are also expensive). I heard there is a program at the Julia Morgan theatre, which I know nothing about. In the summer there is a good program at the Contra Costa Civic Theatre. If you are interested in finding a modeling/talent agent, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY ANY MONEY!!! Go to this web page:

    and call all the agencies to find out if they are looking for new talent and if you can make an appointment. I have a lot of information about this that I'd be glad to share because my daughter has an agent, and we have been through almost everything related to this, so you can either email me directly or post your questions on the digest.

    Kids on Camera

    From: Dawn (3/00)

    Kids On Camera is a program that accepts children as young as age 4. They are based in SF, with summer classes also in Marin and Piedmont, and some afterschool programs during the year in Piedmont as well. Kids are coached in a variety of on-camera techniques, including presentation, timing, speaking clearly and loudly enough, etc. They do all kinds of fun exercises in which they imagine all kinds of scenes, and then play them out on camera. Most of the first level (Acting 1) classes also include a photo shoot and 8x10 head-shot of your child (suitable for distributing to agents or at auditions, if that's the direction you want to go) The school is run by Judy Berlin, a long-time commercial and voice-over professional. The classes are held usually on Saturdays or Sundays, or as 1 or 2 week summer camps. I don't have a flyer hanging around, so I can't give exact contact information or prices. As I recall, my daughter started her 8 week class around the beginning of March a few years ago, and it cost around $375 (each class is several hours long). My daughter was 11 when she attended, and had a blast. She eventually did go on one audition, though she never landed a paid part.

    Spotlight on Kids

    From: Donna

    I noticed some folks looking for acting/drama classes or workshops for kids. I know this women very well and she is great with kids and very professional. Her name is Kimberly Richards and here's info on her workshops: Spotlight on Kids - Children's on Camera Commercial Acting Workshops Workshops include: Improvisation, On-camera skills, Auditioning, How to get an agent, Headshot info. There are a lot of different when and where's so its probably better to call or e-mail her. Phone: (510) 486-1479, e-mail: KRShowtime at aol dot com