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May 2008

Looking for a mandolin teacher and the archives are outdated. Anyone you'd recommend? I'd love to find someone near North Berkeley! bluegrass gal

I highly recommend my mandolin teacher, Chad Manning. He is located in El Cerrito and is an incredible, patient, fun and talented instructor. He plays fiddle for the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience so his main instrument is the fiddle. You can find out more info at his website: Denise

Just after your message, a notice came out in the BPN newsletters, which I'm pasting in here. I can add that my husband has watched both Mannings at work, and thinks they're terrific.

Jan 2006

Does anyone have a recommendation for a mandolin teacher in the East Bay? I played for a few years before my son was born and am wanting to resume lessons again. I'm interested in playing country, rock and bluegrass and would like to find a teacher who who is interested in the same kind of music. I live in Albany. Thanks much! byow

You should take lessons with Chad Manning, his primary instrument is the fiddle but he has several mandolin students as well. PLUS he's a fabulous teacher!
he teaches out of his home in El Cerrito--close to Albany. Good luck!

My husband took mandolin lessons from Robin Flower and really enjoyed working with her. She is a local musician in Oakland. here are some links etc to more info.
flower2mcl AT 510/482-9479 Lynn

Brian Godchaux teaches at 5th String in Berkeley, back from a long hiatus. He is a patient teacher and a skilled musician. He also teaches fiddle.
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