Music Together v. Kindermusik

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July 2004

I am wondering if anyone has feedback in comparing Kindermusik (in Piedmont, not El Cerrito) to Music Together. I took my first daughter to Music Together for four sessions and we really enjoyed it. Now I'd like to take my 13 month old to music classes., and it looks like MT has rotated back to the same song collection we started with our last go-round. I just can't see myself paying $165 a session to have the same CDs and sing the same songs. How does Kindermusik in Piedmont compare? Are the classes fun and open for the kids? Lots of opportunity to use kid instruments? How are the song collections? Any comments on the teacher? All of the comments on the website are either 5 years old or refer to the El Cerrito one. Otherwise, did anyone repeat Music Together song collections and have a really good experience? Thanks! Elizabeth

DD has done both. I can't compare myself, as my husband took her to her Music Together classes and I took her to kindermusik(at Habitot), but according to what my husband has said it seems the two classes are very similar. Next time I'll take her to whichever one is more convenient. anon

I did two sessions of Music Together and then 1 session of Kindermusic in Piedmont. The kindermusic teacher Nancy is very sweet and the program has a lot of nice components. However, I felt that MT offered children more freedom to respond to the music, and I'd go wtih MT if I was signing up for another class. KM has more 'expectations' of doing certain movements and activities, and a child not doing the 'right' thing is asked to come back into the fold. My experience in MT is that as long as a child is not hurting themself or others, they can roam the room if needed. There is also a lot more talking in the KM class, whereas MT is essentially all music, even the instructions are usually sung versus spoken. Prefer Music Together

My daughter has been at Kindermusik in Piedmont for the last six months. It is a wonderful, enriching program. The teacher, Nanci Schneidinger (see is great, and my daughter loves her. The Kindermusik songs include a mix of 'classic' children's songs and ethnic folks songs from other countries in other languages. We use scarves, instruments, as well as a lot of movement.

We just started a Music Together class as well. Our instructor is Ryk. My personal feeling is that I like Kindermusik much more than Music Together. In Music Together, there is just a lot more plain NOISE vs. music. Also, in Music Together, the parents/caregivers do a lot of hand movements which just isn't my thing. I felt I was spending more time trying to figure out the hand movements than I was interacting with and enjoying my child. In Music Together, there does not seem to be as much ethnic/world music as in Kindermusik. But one thing I like about Music Together is that Ryk plays guitar (Nanci in Kindermusik does not play an instrument).

Music Together is one big class with kids of all ages -- from infant to preschool age. Kindermusik classes separate the kids by age.

Another consideration is parking. There is no parking lot in Piedmont for Kindermusik, so you have to park on the street and sometimes it can be really hard to find a spot. For Music Together, there is a parking lot. Another thing to point out is that these classes fill up pretty fast, so you should try to sign up as soon as you can. Good luck! LCF Re: Afternoon activities for Toddler (Oct. 2002)
There is a Kindermusik class that just started, Kindermusik Beginnings for 1.5-3.5 year olds. It is from 2:15 to 3:00 on Tuesdays at the El Cerrito Community Center. I am pretty sure there are still openings. My son is in the class an hour earlier with the same instructor, so I am not in this specific class but we love the Kindermusik Village class we are in. The instructor is Debbie Becker, call her at 415-456-3565 to enroll or ask questions. Tuition for 15 classes is $225, or $180 for El Cerrito residents, materials $30, the first class is a free preview class if you want to see what it is like before joining. I imagine the tuition would be pro-rated if you join the class late, it just started on 10/15 and goes through 2/4. - Laura

May 1999

If there were no Music Together in this area I would gladly opt for Kindermusik. It's a great program too. They seem to share the same basic philosophy as Music Together but I found their program for 18 mos. - 3 yrs. more formal and there were fewer opportunities for children and their role models to handle instruments during the course of each class. I understand they have a new program for 0 - 18 mos., but I have no experience with that. Their programs for older, more musically developed kids are a good fit for my older child now. For Kindermusik call (800)615-5415.

Jan 2003

I am looking for thoughts on the differences between Music Together & Kindermusic & why you chose one over the other. I have looked at the website regarding older comments on music classes. Thanks ginny

I took my 14 month-old son to Music Together last fall and LOVED it. We have only been to one KinderMusic class (at Wee Play), and while it was enjoyable I really feel that Music Together is a better program. Here are my reasons:

* The Music Together teacher (we had Andy) was extremely engaging. The Kindermusic teacher was very nice but didn't have the same amount of energy.

* The songs at Music Together were much more lively and interesting.

* Music Together gives you a tape, a CD, a music book, and a parents' guide that are all very high quality. I know Kindermusic also offers materials that may be just as good, but I haven't seen them.

* Music Together had better instruments, and more of them. Throughout the class, Andy just kept bringing out all kinds of things for the kids to play with. At Kindermusic we only had egg rattles, one block, and scarves for dancing (though they also had a parachute, which Music Together doesn't have).

One thing better about Kindermusic is the price ($9 per session when you buy a series, compared $15 for Music Together). Music Together's fee includes the materials, though (I think at Kindermusic you have to pay extra if you want them). Also, Kindermusic allows you to drop in for single class sessions (for $12), while at Music Together you have to buy the whole series of 10.

Just to be clear ... it's NOT that Kindermusic is bad in any way. Far from it -- we had a great time. I just think that Music Together is better. Kathryn

I chose Music Together because I had a six-month-old and a two-year-old, and I wanted to take them to the same class. Kindermusic is segregated by age. Also Music Together had evening classes and our whole family would go, which was really fun. (Unfortunately evening classes are not being offered now.) Karen

As an independent music educator who offers Kindermusik, Musikgarten and Orff Schulwerk classes for young children and their families, I would like to offer a clarification about Kindermusik. In its mission to offer each child the best experience, Kindermusik does divide the classes by developmental age. As a teacher, I try to tailor my teaching to the childrens need and my choice has been to teach classes by flexible age grouping. That said, the mothers who teach Kindermusik understand that for many familes finding a babysitter for an infant , while toddler or preschooler and mom take a music class is not possible. Each teacher sets her own policies and prices, but it is my experience that the teachers in this area allow siblings who are young for a program to attend at no charge and without restriction on participation. Sometimes it is very important for a child to have that alone time with a parent . But when it is the best interest of the family to come to music class together, younger siblings (and even older siblings) come to my classes, participate fully at no charge. deborahbonet

Sorry that I missed the original message, but I gather it was about Kindermusik vs. Music Together.

I chose Kindermusik for my daughter when she was 14 months and we have been happy ever since! (She is now 2.5) I liked Kindermusiik because the kids were separated by age - I wanted specifically age-appropriate activities for her, and a social environment of similarly-aged kids.

I was sad to read the post about someone who went to a Kindermusik class and saw only a couple of instruments. The number and variety of instruments at a Kindermusik class depends TOTALLY on the individual teacher. Our teacher (Jane Buchanon in Concord missjaneb [at] has a TON of instruments for the kids. We previewed another Kindermusik class with a different teacher and found her to be a bit dull and lacking in instruments.

The bottom line - the teacher makes or breaks the class. Visit a class before you sign up, and visit a couple of teachers of each method before you rule that method out. Good luck! Jaime