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Where to take a home electrical class?

Jan 2010

Does anyone know if there are classes in home electrical repair offered? I'm comfortable with many home repairs but even the smallest of electrical jobs intimidate me. thank you! do-it-yourselfer

Classes are offered at Laney College on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting next week. Go to to sign up (Course #233) Jules

Building Education Center in Berkeley is the place for you. R.K.

Have you tried the BEC (Bldg. Education Center)? They had a little newspaper, but this month is the final issue (printing costs too much); but they _do_ have a new website, which should give you their class schedules, & etc. Nice bunch of very knowledgeable folks! --took 1 class; need more!

my husband and is a do-it-yourselfer too and took a weekend electrical workshop through berkeley education center on page st. he learned so much and was able to do some electrical work that a professional electrician passed up because he said it was too hard of a job! and recently, he updated all our electrical all on his own. they offer lots of diy classes. a great resource. enjoy! a fellow diy

Why Laney College of course! It's a great place to learn the fundamentals of home building. They have evening classes for residential electrical starting mid in March and it costs about $40.00. Here's the details:

03/18/2010 - 05/21/2010 233 RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL FOR CARPENTERS Basic electrical installation and specifications for wiring a new or remodeled residential home Lec 06:00-06:50 PM MW Lab 07:00-08:20 PM MW

Go to: They also have a residential plumbing course preceding it in the same time slot starting on Monday, January 21st. Unfortunately, this class will have started by the time you see this message, but they do this every semester. Good luck! Erich

A short class on basic electrical theory & the National Electrical Code is offered by the Building Education Center in Berkeley on Feb.22nd 7-10. Call the BEC at 510-525-7610. They also offer a hands-on workshop the following weekend, 2/27 & 2/28. For descriptions, go to Andus

Faux Painting Classes

Feb 2005

Does anyone have any recommendations for faux painting classes for the interior of the home? (marbling, sponge technique, etc.) I'm looking for something more detailed than just the free classes offered by Home Depot in the East Bay or San Francisco areas. Sometimes they are offered at community colleges, etc., but I haven't found any yet. Thanks a lot, Sandy

Try Grand Finishes in Walnut Creek, 925-988-9990. They have excellent classes and products, ask for Sheila, the owner.