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Harp Teacher for Teenager

June 2011

16-year-old boy, who already plays piano, would like to try playing the harp. Can someone recommend a harp teacher in the East Bay? And what is the best place to rent a harp? Mom of Harpo Wannabe

Diana Stork is a fabulous harp teacher and a wonderful person. She teaches at her home in west Berkeley. 510-548-3326. http://www.harpdancer.com/index.html anon

Harp teacher for adult, possibly a child

Nov 2007

Hi, I am seeking a harp teacher (for an adult and perhaps for a child) in the East Bay, preferably on the west side of the hills. It's a bit of an obscure instrument. Know anyone? Ann

Diana Stork is the best! dianastork [at] harpdancer.com More info about harp teachers here: http://parents.berkeley.edu/recommend/classes/harp.html sunsolsal

The Crowden Center for Music in the Community offers individual instruction in violin, viola, cello, string bass, piano, recorder, flute, clarinet, guitar, and ... HARP! We are located at the corner of Rose and Sacramento Streets in North Berkeley. Visit www.crowden.org, call 510-559-2941 or email ccmc [at] crowden.org for more information. Marion

Autoharp for kids?

Jan 2007

I realize this is entirely unrealistic, but is there any such thing as a low-end autoharp that one wouldn't mind sharing with a kid? My 4 yr old is pretty responsible-I let her play with my guitar, and she does well. I bought her a kid's ukelele, which was very inexpensive, but ALL she does w/ that and my guitar is strum it much like an autoharp. She likes music, and I thought it would be great to be able to have her make music easily. I thought about a zither-or whatever those things are called (autoharp w/ fewer strings and no cords). But she'd probably strum it exactly the same way, and it wouldn't do much good. I might be willing to pay $100 or even a little more, but probably wouldn't want to go for the full-end beautiful instruments I've seen. Is there any possibility? Janet

We saw a simple wooden autoharp at TJ Maxx in Fairfield made by First Act. It looked and sounded pretty nice. They call it a Lap Harp. Using the internet, found that one listed at Sears. Also saw one on ebay: East German and much more complex for $35 + shipping from Virginia. Good luck. Great you want your kid to strum with you. Barbara

Patient and wonderful Harp teacher for adults?

Jan 2006

Does anyone know a patient and wonderful Harp teacher for adults? I've played the piano in the past and have a desire to learn the harp. I'd like to learn to play a smaller harp -- the kind that is pretty portable. anon

Try Chris Caswell, a great harp teacher in Albany. He makes his own harps too. His cell is: 707/ 874-9045. Kim

The Holy Names Preparatory Music Department has a harp teacher Daphanie who is very good. Also, The Renaissance School has a harp teacher through their music program (531-8566). Tom

Bennetta Heaton is a lovely, calm and patient harpist/ teacher. 925.820.1169 anon

I did not see the original posting requesting information about a harp teacher, but I wanted to let you know that Mitch Landy offers harp lessons at The Crowden Center for Music in the Community, 1475 Rose Street (at Sacramento) in Berkeley. He currently teaches at Crowden on Tuesday afternoons -- and at his home studio in El Sobrante at other times. You can read more about Mitch at his web site: http://www.harpguy.com. To inquire about lessons at The Crowden Music Center, please call me at 510-559-2941 or email matherton [at] crowden.org. Marion

Diana Stork,located in Berkeley, is an incredible harp teacher, leader of the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble, and coordinator of the yearly Festival of Harps which takes plce in Rohnert Park. dianastork [at] harpdancer.com Gary

Harp lessons for 7-year-old

June 2003

I'm interested getting a recommendation for harp lessons. My daughter is 7 and will be a begining student. We are looking for something in the El Cerrito, Kensington or Berkeley area. Monica

Do you want pedal harp or lever harp? A pedal harp is more expensive, harder to transport, but a must if you want to play in the orchestra. The lever harp music and tradition is wonderful. Lever harps can also be less tightly strung, so they are easier on the body.

My daughter takes lessons from Diana Stork, who is a wonderful warm lever harp teacher with an eclectic approach. She is director of the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble, with several performance opportunities each year. She is in West Berkeley, near East Bay Nursery. dianastork [at] harpdancer.com

Diana Rowen teaches lever harp and piano in Berkeley near King Middle School. 510/758-0959.

Cheryl Ann Fulton teaches lever harp in Berkeley near the Ashby Bart station. 510/601-8383

Natalie Cox teaches lever and pedal harp in El Cerrito 510/234- 3044.

Some teachers suggest that you begin on a piano. The lessons are cheaper, and the skill transfers well to a harp, which is similar to a piano.