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  • Harmonica teacher?

    Jul 28, 2017

    8yo wants to take harmonica lessons.  A teacher who will teach harmonica alongside another instrument would be fine.  We're in North Berkeley, so between El Cerrito and North Oakland is about our limit.   Someone who will keep it light and fun.  Thanks for any leads!

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Harmonica Lessons for 8 year old

Feb 2010

My boy is an attentive guy with some natural ability on the harmonica. Do you know of anybody who gives lessons? It is even better if they'd be willing to come to our house in central Berkeley. Archives on this are old and out of date. Thanks for any leads! Winoka

You may want to try Albany Music School. They offer lessons on many instruments (but you have to double check about harmonica). They are the best school I found around Berkeley. Teachers are very professional, formally trained and they try to foster the natural enthusiasm children have for music: my kids love it. Albany Music School 9825 San Pablo Ave (opposite El Cerrito Plaza) El Cerrito, CA 94530 Tel. 510-528-4047 E-mail: info [at] albanymusicschool.com

Harmonica lessons for 11 year old

May 2004

My eleven year old son would like to learn to play the harmonica. Does anyone know of a teacher for harmonica? I have seen the one ref. on the site from 02. Thanks! anne

You can start with a ''teach-yourself'' book. I found a large selection at the music store in downtown Berkeley, on Shattuck (the name escapes me). Their selection seems to vary a lot, so you might want to call first to see if they have a bunch in stock.. My son easily picked up the basics with the book, though he is by no means ''performance-ready''. R.K.

When we heard the Mark Hummel harmonica blow-out at Yoshi's in Oakland (an excellent show!) one of the performers mentioned he gave harmonica lessons. I don't remember his name, but he was local. You might be able to trace him from the two connections. Good luck. A chromatic player