Parenting Classes for Adoption/ Foster Parents

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Class for someone who has just adopted?

Jan 2008

We've just adopted a delightful 11 yr old girl from Colombia and think it would be wise to learn from other parents, optimally adoptive parents, about how the heck to parent kidz these days. Please respond with support groups or counseling centers you would recommend. Thanks

Known throughout the country is a small local adoption agency that offers wonderful classes to all. They focus on issues of raising adopted children of color. Other agencies often use their classes and staff for these issues. VERY knowledgeable, friendly, accessible, organized. Each summer they also host a camp for families. Here is their website adoptive parent

Training for potential foster parent?

July 2001

Hi; I was interested in becoming a foster parent. Does anyone know of any special training classes? Groups - informational or support on this subject within the Bay Area and San Francisco. Carolyn

I'm at the end of my training so I have a couple of suggestions. 1. Look in the phone book under Foster Care for the area you live in. There are several agencies in the bay area. 2. Request information from a few of them and attend their orientation sessions. They are all different. You want an agency you feel comfortable with, who you feel will support you. 3. Foster parenting is incredibly noble and much harder than you can imagine. It takes a lot of patience and determination. The process itself can take quite awhile. 4. Check out Bananas on Claremont Ave. (next to the DMV). They are a wonderful free resource for parents. Rachalaya

Alameda County Social Services Agency offers a foster & adoption training called M.A.P.P. ( Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting Program). It's a 10 week, 30 hour course. They also offer an introductory presentation to see if you want to enroll in the course.. I took it & found it to be a good experience. I'm a psychotherapist & I found the class was very accessible to the general public and based on sound theory & research, especially attachment theory, & it is focused on what's best for the child. You can also meet other people, a variety of people, who have the same goal, & this can be a great source of support & information, I think it's fairly new, still developing in some ways, & kind of cutting edge. Apparently the kids have better outcomes w/ foster/adoptive parents who've had this sort of training (SF, & possibly some provate agencies, may have something similar). Call 510-268-2444 for more info. It's great you want to pitch in. The kids need you! Vicki M

The MAPP (Model Approaches to Partnerships in Parenting) is a worthwhile training offered by Alameda County Social Services Agency for people considering becoming foster care parents (either emergency or long-term foster care) as well as people looking to adopt through the foster-adopt program. They have information sessions often, then you sign up for a 30-hour training (10 evenings or 10 Saturday mornings), during which they pace you through the licensing process and your class provides a support group (as it can be somewhat lengthy and daunting). Try the Family Services department at 510-268-2340. (I think other nearby counties use the same or similar training models.) Nicole