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Summer fashion design for teen

March 2007

My daughter is interested in taking a hands-on fashion class this summer. I noticed that California College of the Arts offers all-day classes. Are there others being offered that might be of shorter duration and therefore more affordable? Thanks, d

Couple thoughts on Fashion Design.

(1) At ''Sew Now'' in Lafayette (corner of Moraga Rd and Moraga Blvd) there are fashion production classes. This is a new place. Give them a call to see if there is a fit. Week long classes. BART is 5-minutes walk through suburban town.

(2) For something less tame, check out Saffron Rare Threads in the city, near 17th and Delores.

There is a BART station nearby, but your kid has to be street smart to negotiate that scene.

The founders, Yugula and Priya, have apprenticeships for fashion design purposed people. Not for the weak of heart, but my oh my, very fun. Best of luck, Nathan

try stone mountain & daughter in berkeley for sewing/fashion design classes at many levels: good luck! wendy