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Farsi/Persian Teacher

June 2006

I'm looking for a Farsi/Persian teacher for my children, ages 7 and 10. Their grandparents speak fluent Farsi and they are eager to learn the language. Any recommedations in the Lamorinda or Berkeley area would be greatly appreciated! dpartovi

I am interested in taking conversational Farsi lessons/classes and was wondering where I can take classes or meet with a teacher/tutor. I do not want to learn written Farsi- just conversation hellen

I am looking for farsi classes/lessons for myself and eventually my son (he is 11 months now), but preferably he could attend the classes with me. I am Persian but have broken Farsi and I want my son to learn it better than I did. My husband is German so it's up to me to teach him. I want to make sure that once I seriously start speaking Farsi with him it will be correct. Does anyone know of any classes or persons who teach Farsi? I can neither read nor write Farsi, but I can speak basic sentences. Shohreh

I highly recommend the Mosque on Franklin close to downtown Oakland. It's family-oriented; the teachers are experienced. They have a great program for all ages and levels of Farsi instruction. They teach you to read, write and speak Farsi. You'll be welcome even if you're non-religious and don't speak Farsi (we were). They stage large meals (Persian food ! ) home-made by mom-volunteers for events after services, on many occasions. Half Persian kids enjoy seeing/being with other kids that look like them. Only problem---it's on Saturdays (things may have changed since we attended 3 yrs ago) and due to the kids' sports teams schedules, our attendance suffered. They may have other arrangements possible these days---they try to be accommodating. Our teacher realized our need for rapid language acquisition (we were going to Iran) and agreed to private tutoring arrangements that worked out very well. It's a very hospitable crowd and VERY family-oriented. Everyone there was wonderful to us. Khanoom