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    Are you a Dutch native speaker in the Bay Area with affinity with teaching? We are looking for a Dutch tutor for my two kids for once a week.

    Ben jij een Nederlandse juf of leraar of een Nederlander met leraren-genen, neem dan contact op met ons. Wij zoeken naar iemand die onze kinderen een keer per week bijles kan geven.

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    Have you asked the UC Berkeley office that handles international exchange students for references? The UC system has various relationships with Dutch Universities ranging from undergraduate study abroad semester arrangements, to post-doc support, and Im sure that some of these students (and their spouses) may appreciate an opportunity to earn a little tutoring/sitting money. For example, we bought our bike trailer form a Dutch family that was in Berkeley for an 18th month fellowship, they had kids, and the wife did not have a work visa. (They have since returned to NL, but this situation is not uncommon) In the next year my AFS "nephew" will be coming to one of the UCs on an academic exchange program year from the Utrect. 

    Have a look at the Dutch School, which has a branch in Berkeley, or post on the SFDutch Facebook page.


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April 2008

HI there, I am a mother of a 15 month old who's papa is Dutch. His dad speaks dutch to him and I am hoping to find someplace to compliment that. Preschool in Dutch? Any ideas? Thanks! aimee

Hi, Fellow Dutchman (well, really woman) here! There are quite a few Dutch speaking families in the Bay Area and we've met several of them. I made a point to befriend some other families with children of our kids' ages and we do occasional play dates. Another thing that worked really well with the language is Dutch DVDs. You can purchase a DVD player that will play European DVDs (look on the internet) and either order on line or via Dutch family get age appropriate DVDs sent your way. Our kids don't watch a lot of TV, but they have learned a lot of from watching Dutch shows. JJ