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Accordion lessons for visiting German student

July 2014

Dear BPN, I'm trying to help a young German girl, who will be spending a year in Berkeley starting this fall. She plays an instrument, a button Accordion, similar to a ''Bayan'' and it's in C. Does anyone have such an instrument she could borrow, while she is here? Or does anyone know if these are rented out anywhere? She would also like to take lessons while she is here. Anybody know of such an Accordion teacher? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Accordion novice

Try Smythe's Accordion in uptown Oakland: Squeezeboxer

DC Piano in Berkeley has accordians (I don't know much about the stock, but have seen them there). Also, Cotati (up here in Sonoma County) has an accordian festival in August of each year (that's pretty big for this area at least) called ''Cotati Fest'' (website:, which might be a good source for information. A few clicks got me this list of accordian teachers: Good luck! Alison

Looking for Button Box Accordion Lessons

July 2013

Looking for someone who teaches button box accordion (think Cajun and Irish music). All I can find are piano key accordion teachers. Any recommendations? susan

Kimric Smythe has a shop at Broadway and 22nd in Oakland. He is lauded as the local expert on accordion construction, sales, and repair. Kimric: 510-268-4084

2005 - 2009 Reviews

Accordian instructor for a beginner

Oct 2006

Anyone know of an accordian instructor for a beginner in Berkeley, Oakland, Montclair, Piedmont area? aspiring accordion player

My colleague's partner - his name is Henri - is an accordion instructor. I've heard him play once and I was very impressed. In fact, I had no idea an accordion could sound so wonderful. He teaches a ''punk rock'' accordion workshop, in addition to the more traditional approach. You can reach Henri at 510-417-5736 or at henri [at] There's also a lot of information at his website: Heather

If you are looking for accordian lessons you should contact Joel Weber. Email him at joel[at] Kristin

Non-traditional accordion teacher for teen

Feb 2005

Does anyone know an accordion teacher for a 19-year-old who can play piano and read music? This is for non-traditional accordion music for a kid into alternative rock, metal, etc. (don't ask me, I'm just the messenger/mom) Ginger

I would try asking about rock accordion teachers at Smythe's Accordion Shop in downtown Oakland, 21 Grand Ave., near Broadway. The shop looks iffy from the outside but the man who owns it is so nice; he gave impromptu squeeze box lessons to my kids, who thought he was the greatest. This was several years ago so you might call info and make sure the shop is still there -- it's hours were ''flexible.'' Ann

I can highly recommend Joel Weber. He teaches accordion in addition to being one of the directors and teachers at Holden High School, an alternative school in Orinda where the teenagers (and parents and staff!) just adore him! He told me he teaches any musical style. He lives in Oakland and you can reach him at (510) 655-4398. Susanne

I wanted to summarize the replies that people emailed directly to me.
Several people recommended the punk accordion class at Smythe's Accordion Center in Oakland.
The Punk Rock Accordion Workshop (in Oakland)
Two people recommended Dan Cantrell:
One person recommended a teacher at Piedmont Piano Company.
Thanks for the suggestions! Ginger