Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

Parent Q&A

  • Has anyone had a good experience with a doctor that successfully detoxed you or someone you know from toxic mold exposure?  What protocol was followed to get you better?   I have been diagnosed with Lyme and co-infections, but it is apparently exposure to mold from a water-damaged building that is keeping me sick.  My current naturopath wants me to do Patricia Kane Protocol IV treatments which seems very experimental and is expensive.  I haven’t found research that supports this approach for mold and the Naturopath was not convincing to me.  I reluctantly did do one treatment which made me feel bad during and gave me a headache for the rest of the day.   I am cognitively impaired, always anxious and overwhelmed, chronically fatigued, and unable to even prepare meals.  If you have been in my shoes, you know what I mean.  I feel like a trauma victim, but apparently it is the mold.  This is not a well-understood area of medicine, or rather, is a new specialty sometimes called environmental medicine.  I am hoping someone else has gone through this and is willing to share their success story to help me find my way.  Even sharing what didn’t work, or who NOT to see for treatment could help...sometimes who to stay away from is just as helpful.  I’ve made my fair share of “mistakes” going to practitioners and hope to avoid another.  I need a thorough, thoughtful expert to partner with.  

    Thank you for your help.

    There is a book brave new medicine by Cynthia Lo you should read. I had similar fatigue issues and autoimmune reactions and found both resistant starch and intermittent fasting to help. 

    Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that you're dealing with this. We're running the same circles. I hope you've moved out of the house that's making you ill. Locally, I believe that Dr. Raj Patel MD is focused on this, I believe he's on the penninsua.  

    You can also get great resources from the Bay Area Lyme Foundation. There's also a MeetUp L.E.A.P.S (meeting in El Cerrito  1x/mo) and you can get a lot of useful info there.

    There's a local person named John Watt who can mold test your home and do mold and toxin abatement. You can reach him at 650-573-1923.

    All the best.


    I have spent the last year of my life dealing with mold toxicity in my son and have read and researched this area extensively. I have a medical degree and knew NOTHING about this prior to my son getting ill. He has the HLA-DR gene mutation so cannot detoxify properly and unbeknownst to us, we were living in a house with hidden slow water leaks in the walls and crazy high levels of toxic mold. Please find the books by Dr. Neil Nathan on Amazon (Mold and Mycotoxins, and TOXIC). They are extremely helpful. I have completely healed my son from mold with his help. He will do very thorough phone consultations with  you - he reads all of your labwork and information first, then has a plan ready to discuss with you and your physician on a conference call. He is amazing. We remediated our home and have treated our son and he is worlds better now.  Sending healing thoughts.