Donating a Wheelchair

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ReCARES in Oakland

August 2012

For those of us with aging parents who come to visit, or if you are or know someone who is in need of medical equipment, you should know about a wonderful service available to us here in the East Bay, called ''ReCARES''. This small operation redistributes (as in recycles) wheelchairs, walkers and other medical assists FOR FREE. They do this at the First Presbyterian Church (Oakland) parking lot every Thursday afternoon. Also they are badly in need of medical equipment DONATIONS. So you if have spare equipment, please bring it to them so they can recycle it to others in need! (It is unlawful to sell used medical equipment in California.) This is a wonderful service they are providing to the community and they are a tax exempt charitable organization. (See their website at They are struggling to maintain themselves with very few donations coming in, so if you can support them in any way, please do. N

Nov 2002

Does anyone know where I can donate a used wheelchair for use locally or internationally? I have heard of an organization that accepts used wheelchairs for distribution overseas but I cannot seem to locate them. Any advice would be appreciated. mwarner

If you're trying to donate a wheelchair, try Hope this helps! Eileen