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GreenDisk for recycling magnetic media

Dec 2012

Has anyone used GreenDisk to recycle old cassette tapes and VHS tapes? I have several shoeboxes filled with home-recorded audio and VHS tapes. Because they are not commercial recordings (classical music, high school-era mix tapes, and shows recorded from TV), I don't think I can donate them to a library or school due to copyright law. Any other suggestions where to recycle these items? house cleaning

I've used GreenDisk a few times for CDs, video tapes and cassettes when cleaning out my home or office. They were very easy to work with; the only drag is paying shipping but you can send it Media Mail which isn't too bad. I've also sometimes donated cassette tapes (ah, the box of high school mix tapes!) to the Depot for Creative Reuse - check their website to see if they are currently accepting them. You could also check if you haven't already to see if there are any other local options. Recycler

Is there somewhere to donate VHS tapes?

June 2011

Now that the kids are older we started cleaning out all the kid stuff and I have alot of really nice kids movies on VHS tapes. Does anyone know where I can donate these? Children's Hospital used to take them but they have converted to DVD's now. I also have a large supply of taped VHS tapes I'd like to recycle. Suggestions welcome and needed for donation, recylcing, etc. Thank you community
tape overload

The El Cerrito Recycling Center has a mailbox-type container for recycling VHS tapes. Go down (or up, depending on whether you're coming from San Pablo or Arlington) Moeser lane and turn on Navillier (at Portola Middle School) and make a right at the first stop sign (there are signs for the recycling center and Stege sanitary--can't miss it). Also a great place to bring old magazines or books as they have magazine recycling and a book exchange. MGH

I donated ours to the Albany Library (on Marin Ave). They sell them throughout the year and at their big book sales. I imagine that other libraries might accept VHS, too, but you should call first. Library enthusiast

I bet the Friends of the El Cerrito Library would love to get your VHS tapes. They have a book sale a couple of times a year to raise money for the El Cerrito Library. You can just bring them in to the library and, if you want, get a donation receipt. In addition to selling books, they also sell lots of videotapes, books-on-tape, DVD's. etc. It's a great cause. Their prices are low and lots of public school teachers come and buy lots. library supporter

2005 - 2009 Recommendations

New Home for Cassette Tapes

Sept 2009

I am in the process of bringing my media into the 21st century. I have HUNDREDS of cassette tapes that I need to shed. Does anyone recycle these? Location in North Berkeley area. Thank You

I still use cassette tapes, and actually prefer them to c.d. in my ceramic studio. I usually make mixes on Itunes and dub them onto tape. Also, I have been working with cassette tapes in my art work for a while now. If you would like them to find a new life with me in my art studio, I will take them. As for donating them, the East Bay Depot Center for Creative Reuse always accepts them. That is on Telegraph at approximately 46th in Oakland.

Try You can post there for free and get rid of all kinds of things that others might find useful to have. I just freecycled a bunch of old VHS tapes. Very handy! Rosie

I can't speak for Berkeley recycling sites, but I do know that the El Cerrito Recycling Center (on Schmidt) recycles ALL kinds of plastics, CD's, and cassette tapes. It's a great place and so glad it's local.....check it out if there's nothing in Berkeley. anon

Where can I recycle video tapes, CDs and other media?

May 2006

I've searched the archives and contacted several of the companies listed on (many of whom didn't return my calls), but I can't find anyone locally who recycles used video tapes, CDs and other media. Any tips? There's nothing top secret on them, and I'd be happy to drop them off. I've been mailing them off to someplace in Washington State, but that gets a little expensive. I hate to just throw them away - thanks for any leads you can provide! JP

I've driven by a place called ACCESS on Gilman near Sixth St. which is some sort of video filming place for young people. Maybe they could use your tapes? If you're driving away from San Pablo towards the 580, it's on the right hand side of Gilman near Royal Robbins clothing store and the pet store Video user

A couple of years ago I saw in the Albany Middle School newsletter a blurb asking for used cassette and video tapes for students to re-use. You might want to try some local schools to see if they could use your stuff. anon

You can donate videotapes to Kaiser and kids who are hospitalized can watch them. Childrens' Hospital may take them also. They're a real godsend for kids who are bored, lonely, possibly in pain, and stuck in bed. I'm not sure who the contact person at Kaiser might be, but the children's wing is in the hospital bldg on the 10th floor anon

Donating old videos

Feb 2003

Hi, we have about 20 old videos that we would like to get rid of. They consists of movies and sports. Does anyone know where we could give them away, like a library or a school? Thanks Ruthy

The Family Resource & Information Center at Children's Hospital Oakland lends videos to families whose children are hospitalized. Our collection depends entirely donations. We are especially interested in videos for older children, though have a PG-13 maximum rating limit. For more information, feel free to contact us at 428-3549. Thanks very much. Christine