Where to Recycle Tennis Balls

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2009

What do you all do with tennis balls that have kind of lost their bounce? Is there a dog shelter or dog run that accepts used tennis balls in N. Berkekley area? Thank you

If you don't find a shelter, you can take the balls to any dog park. Put them in a box or bag and leave them at the entrance...maybe write ''free'' on it. There will be lots of happy recipients. If you can't find anyone and don't want to bother, let me know and I'll come and get them from you for our neighborhood dog park. june

Check with local schools... many teachers use them on the bottom of chairs to stop the squeeking noise of moving chairs. Also, physical therapists use them inside socks as a massage tool; so check with PT''s or Special Ed. classes Anne Y ayu

Many elementary schools and nursing homes LOVE tennis balls as a sound deadening device on the legs of chairs or walkers. school teacher

Check with teachers at your children's schools. Several teachers at King wanted used tennis balls at the beginning of the year. They put them on the bottom of chair legs and table legs. It makes them easier for the students to move and less wear and tear on the floors. kl

Glad that you asked! You can send them to a place called ''Rebounces'', which restores the balls bounce and sells them at a deep discount for practice balls. If you belong to a tennis club or group that can send in 250 balls at a time, then Rebounces pays for the shipping. Ball beyond repair are donated to schools and hospitals. Check out Rebounce at www.rebounces.com or call 888-630-5696. Landfills accumulate 20,000 tons of used tennis balls each year. Any dent we can make in that load is a big help!! leslee

I was just at the tennis courts above the Kensington Library and saw a poster from the El Cerrito High School requesting donated tennis balls. Apparently, they're trying to keep their new floors scratch-free and would like tennis balls to put on the ends of their chairs to help protect their floors. scoles