Recycling Styrofoam

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Recycling styrofoam - not packing peanuts

Sept 2008

Does anyone know where to recycle Styrofoam? Not packing peanuts, but the kind that is used to pack printers and similar electronics. Thank you

I take mine to Universal Waste Management at 721 37th Ave Oakland, which is across from the Home Depot down past Fruitvale BART. Search for 'styrofoam' on the BPN website to find other places people have already suggested. Trixie

Well, I thought this type of styrofoam was not recycleable, BUT it appears there may be a gorup in Oakland who does this. I found it out by searching the database (easy to do) at By inputing 'plastic' into the search and seeing a huge list of plastics and clicking on styrofoam. up came a business in oakland called California Waste Solutions. Their phone number is (510) 772-0514. You could call them an see if they'll take your styrofoam and how much it may cost for them to take it. I love! LowWasteMomma

Recycling big blocks of styrofoam

June 2007

Where can I recycle big blocks of styrofoam that came in huge boxes. Any ideas? Trying to reduce landfill

I recently recycled around six lawn-and-leaf bags full (saved from years of computer and stereo purchasing) of block styrofoam. You can take them to GB Industrial Materials Corp. in Union City. Address is 1528 Atlantic St., phone is 510-489-0881. I recommend calling first to make sure there will be someone there. They also said consumers can just mail the styrofoam to them, but to me that seemed as much effort as just driving to Union City! Tori

Yes! Universal Waste Management 721 37th Ave Oakland

They don't take peanuts, but will take the big pieces of styrofoam (along with a multitude of other items mostly for free). A great website for finding where to recycle almost anything in Alameda County is Michelle

Try your local pack n' mail place. The one near me takes all kinds of weird shapes. I'm sure they use it for packing boxes. I've taken styrofoam to a couple places and every place I've gone has accepted it. j

Recycling styrofoam blocks from packaging

April 2003

Does anyone know what to do with big pieces of styrofoam - the kind that are used to pack appliances, electronics, etc.? Is there a place to recycle them? I hate to throw them out. Thanks. Anon

Tuscarora, a company in Hayward, 785-0220, accepts chunks of styrofoam as from electronics packaging. Got the referral from Alameda County. See Rebecca