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Aug 2013

I have a lot of very nice, clean stuffed animals I'd like to donate, preferably to an organization that can provide a tax donation receipt. I know about Books for the Barrios, but I really don't have time to drive out to Concord (are YOU going there?) During the school year, there are school carnivals, etc., but I'd like to deliver them before school starts. Any other ideas? (Or can you take them now for your school event,and provide my donation receipt?) rk

Playland-Not-At-The-Beach takes donations of stuffed animals year-round as carnival prizes. They are in El Cerrito, and are mainly open on the weekends, holidays, and select evenings (check website for schedule): Marie

Davis Street Family Resource Center, 347-4620, gives a stuffed animal - or 2 - to every child in the Christmas gift drive. Very worthy organization - food, clothes, free clinic, counseling, child care. A little far - San Leandro - but would be greatly appreciated! Local volunteer

Dec 2010

Does anybody know where you can donate used stuffed animals in good condition? Especially for kids who need gifts for the holidays? Thanks!

Since I posted my question about donating stuffed animals, I found a place that will take them. Apparently they're able to accept used stuffed animals because they ship them overseas. Anyway, the place is called Books for the Barrios, and it's in Concord. It's worth the drive out there to avoid having the stuffed animals go in the landfill. Phone is 925 687 7707; website is . They're at 2350 Whitman Road,, Suite D, Concord 94518-2841. You take the Treat exit off 24, take Treat to Oak Grove and turn left, turn right on Whitman Road. The door to Suite D at 2350 is to the side/back of the building on the left. They also accept children's books, games, puzzles, art materials, National Geographics, and working computers. It looks like a very worthwhile organization. Linda

2005 - 2009 Recommendations

Sept 2009

I'm cleaning out my attic and find that we have two BIG bags of sweet stuffed animals that my kids haven't played with in years. My kids already have a plenty decent collection of their own, so I would like to donate these extras to a charity that could really use them. Suggestions? kh

There was a woman at Alta Bates Herrick who was taking them for kids at the hospital. I'm not sure if she's still doing so, but someone at the hospital should know. Hope she's still doing this! anonymous

Check out Project Night Night They are a very sweet charity that puts together packages of stuffed animals, books, and blankets for homeless children in shelters When I donated I had to take my stuffed animals to a Starbucks in SF, but they now have a drop-off location in Alameda.

March 2007

Seems like someone's probably asked this question before, but does anyone out there have recommendations on where to donate A LOT of stuffed animals? Thanks! LUISA

I used to work for St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco and they accept toys, stuffed animals, clothing, furniture and housewares in good condition (not dirty, broken, smelly etc) at their Clothing and Furniture program a 8th and Mission from 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri. You will get a donation receipt for the stated value and support a really great organization.

There is an organization called Project Night Night that puts together comfort bags for children staying at homeless shelters. The bags have a stuffed toy, book and blankie. Info on donating items can be found at:

Sept 2006

Thank you so much to everyone wh0 contacted me and donated items to Books for the Barrios - I was overwhelmed by the response! And if I didn't connect with you I'm very sorry, I received so many emails I had trouble keeping track!

If anyone is interested in donating the following items to Books for the Barrios, check out their website for information, they are located in Concord:
* Games and Puzzles * Toys, Stuffed Animals and Tennis Balls * Athletic Equipment * Crayons, Pencils and Scissors * Clean Scrap Paper * Children's Storybooks * National Geographic Magazines * Encyclopedias and Dictionaries * Computers (Pentium III, or IV in working condition only) * Monitors ($20 Donation Fee) * Little Girls Dresses
thanks to all! nancy

April 2006

Does anyone know where I can donate several unused stuffed animals - e.g., a children's hospital; a homeless shelter? Thanks.

We recently made a donation to a local organization called Project Night Night. I actually found them through BPN. They do great work providing care packages that include a book, stuffed animal and security blanket to homeless children. They have several drop-off locations or you can mail the donation in. They will mail a receipt back to you for tax-purposes. You should check out their website at Jennifer

January 2006

Project Night Night would love to have your new and like-new baby blankets, children's books, and stuffed animals! Please see our website for information about where to drop off donations.

Project Night Night is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) that helps homeless children have sweeter dreams. To learn more, please visit Thanks! kendra

August 2005

Re: Too Many Stuffed Animals

Too many stuffed animals is a common problem! Not many places will accept used stuffed animals for donations/recycling. One worthwhile thing you can do with them is donate them to the Mavericks' soccer team which does the soccer kick at the Solano Stroll each year. They will take your stuffed animals (in very good condition) wash/dry them and give them away as prizes. If you do have any you want to donate contact them. They will be happy to come and get them if you are in Berkeley/ALbany/Oakland. Lori

Anyone with too many stuffed animals can donate them (via mail is okay) to ''Animal Beacons of Light'' in Mountain View. They gather new and lightly used, soft stuffed animals, clean them, and distribute them to children of all ages in orphanages, hospitals and homes around the world. In the past 10 years, more than 6,000 animals have been been sent to more than a dozen countries including Bosnia/Herzegovina, Afghanistan, South Africa, Mexico, Central America and Brazil. To donate stuffed animals or volunteer your time for repair and cleaning of animals, you can call 650-961-8777 (Mt. View) or email her at LNh at Shannon