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  • Where to donate camping gear in need of repair?

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    We have a few decent backpacks and other miscellaneous camping gear that doesn't fit us well and needs zipper/buckle/strap replacement...so we'd like to donate to an organization rather than dropping off at the thrift store. Anyone know a place to donate?

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March 2008

Does anyone know where to donate used sports equipment in Berkeley since Sports 4 Kids closed? I mostly gymnastic and soccer stuff, but some ski wear also. Did Sports 4 Kids move? Mary

Sports 4 Kids (sports4kids.org) is located at: 517 Fourth Street Oakland, CA 94607. Their phone number is: 510-893- 4180 I don't know what their current donation policies are, but I work nearby and thought I would share their contact info. Anon
Dec 2005

I am looking for a place to donate team soccer uniforms -shirts,shorts and socks. I heard there are organisations looking for these. Thank you

I believe the Orinda Youth Association (OYA) has a donation ''plan'' for children in Mexico. You can email them at: orindayouth AT ci.orinda.ca.us
Sports for Kids in Berkeley.
July 2004

Where can I donate ski equipment and other sports equipment?

Sports for Kids has an outlet on Rose St. at Shattuck/Henry St. in Berkeley. They would love to have your used ski and other sports equipment. Terri
Go to Sports 4 Kids, they have a resale store at 2095 Rose St in Berkeley, just east of Shattuck. 868-1591 The store supports their mission to provide sports in many schools in the bay area. You can check them out at: sports4kids.org. I just cleaned out all our outgrown kids sports stuff. anon
Sports4Kids on Rose is the place. It's a non-profit. In addition to selling used equipment, they also provide it free to low-income school kids in the east bay. It's a great organization!