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Sponsoring a child in a developing country

Feb 2007

Does anyone know about the organizations where you sponsor a child in an impoverished country for about $20 a month? They send you the fax about the child etc. Are these legitimate? Does anyone know what percent of the money goes to the kids and what percent goes to the advertsing etc? I do want some info back from the country so my daughter can see what life is like for this child and how she is helping. thank you. amy

I chose a child sponsorship charity by a search on the internet. Here is a link to one tool you can use. Search this site for ''child sponsorship''. http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm

Room to Read (www.RoomtoRead.org) is one of the most impressive non-profit organizations I have worked with, and has received numerous international and business awards that substantiate their effectiveness and efficiency (they are fiscally responsible and dedicated to sustainability). Their basic aim to to increase literacy in developing countries, and one of their programs sponsors girls scholarships, as girls are most often denied education in the areas they target (mostly for economic reasons). I encourage you to look into the organization and consider them to facilitate child sponsorship. anon.