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Where to donate running shoes in decent shape

Jan 2009

I have several pairs of running shoes that I am unable to wear for running although they are really in decent condition for walking. Do you know where I can donate them? running shoe rich

You can donate shoes to any thrift store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Thrift Town, etc. I know a lot of people on here like to find a special needy person from their neighborhood but it is also good to give to these organizations since they create jobs for people that need them and make it possible for people to buy things they need at a very low price. anon

TranSports (one on Solano & one on College) used to take them to recycle. Call first to make sure they still do. Lise

Shoe/Sneaker donations are taken at the Sports Basement in Walnut Creek. It's on Ygnacio Valley Road across from Heather Farm Park. anon

Where to recycle used-up sneakers

Sept 2004

I hve burned through several pairs of sneakers at the gym and want to donate them to a place that recycles them. I read about this in a magazine but have since misplaced it. Does anyone know where to donate/send them? Thanks! Cheryl

Transports shoe store at 6014 College Ave in Oakland, near Claremont, has a bin for recyling sports shoes. The sign says that they should not be tied together, should not be in bags, and can be any brand of running shoes (no cleats, etc).

You can donate your old sneakers to Nike's Reuse-a-Shoe program, (they don't have to be Nikes) which turns them into that spongy sport-court surface for playgrounds. The running shoe store Transports on College Avenue (near Claremont) accepts shoes for the Nike program; you can find more details and more drop-off points on this web page:

This may be a bit far away, but the Niketown store in downtown SF takes them. David

You can donate tennis shoes to Trans Sport on College Avenue in Oakland (rockridge). They have a program (it may be nike) to recycle old tennis shoes into new tracks. I think Piedmont High School's track uses similiar, recycled materials. anon