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Where to donate ink cartridges

Aug 2005

I need a recommendation for a decent recycling program for used ink cartridges and cell phones. We currently use the eScrip program at our school but they don't take very many types of cartridges or phones. I would like one that pays you when you mail the items as this is intended to be a fund raising opportunity. Karen

I work at a non-profit organization and this is how we recycle our cartridges and cell phones. We send them to the American Breast Cancer Association, it is very easy and a great cause:

Recycle to Fight Breast Cancer and Protect the Environment!

It's just like recycling aluminum cans or bottles. Every year, hundreds of millions of cell phones, toner and inkjet cartridges are thrown into our nation\x92s landfills. In addition to putting toxic chemicals into our earth, these phones and cartridges take up valuable space and waste priceless resources. It is the goal of this recycling program to prevent these items from entering our landfills. We collect these items, recycle them and all the profits from our recycling efforts go to support the fight against breast cancer.

Our Mission

To help support the fight against breast cancer by keeping toxic items out of our landfills by providing a no-cost recycling program, so anyone, anywhere from any economic status can participate.

Here is their link:

Inkjet and Laser Cartridge recycling programs are an excellent way to raise funds for your school or organization. I highly recommend the Cartridge World location in Walnut Creek (925) 932-1096. They will provide you with recycling bins and will pay you immediately for ALL of your cartridges when they pick them up. They do not sift through the cartridges and pick out only the ones they want. Also, you can be sure that they will recycle the cartridges responsibly. Fellow Fundraiser

Online guides to recycling include and (both list options for cellular phones and cartridges). A Parent