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Where to donate large koi

April 2004

We started out 2 years ago with two small koi. They grew at an unbelievable rate and are now each over 10 inches long and are way too big for out indoor 50 gallon fishtank. Does anyone know of a place where we could donate these beautiful, healthy fish so that they could live in a large pond? Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks! -Gen

try calling the Oakland Museum. They've taken donations of koi in the past. anon

Perhaps we could adopt your koi. We have a large outdoor pond and only 2 koi right now. There's plenty of room for new, big fish. Jill

Perhaps the Oakland Museum on Oak Street? They have a large pond with beautiful big koi. Koi lover

Maybe UC Santa Cruz? (831) 459-0111 They seem to be lacking some koi: David, Berkeley