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Disposal of rusted jungle gym?

Oct 2004

I have a very rusted jungle gym set in my backyard. It's fit for the trash. However, given that I live in the bay area, I am concerned about just putting it out for garbage pick up and sending it to the dump. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Are there organizations that rehab old sets? Thanks!

I don't know if anyone would rehab it, but you can recycle it. In Albany, you can put scrap metal into your recycling can (they say the limit is 5 pounds of scrap per week). The El Cerrito recycle center also accepts dropped-off scrap metal (it's at the end of Schmidt, a bit north of Moeser). R.K.

You can recycle an all metal jungle gym at your city's local recycling facility as scrap metal. Call the city offices for details or try visiting Heather