Recycling Office Supplies

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2004

I recently posted about donating binders and other office supplies. I received a flood of replies from organizations looking for this kind of donation, as well as requests from other parents about where to donate. In order to help as many of them as possible, here is a list of organizations looking for office supply donations:
Nonprofit Center for Accessible Technology Nonprofit language school for immigrant women and men Nonprofit Nutrition and Culinary school Nonprofit Guitars Not Guns Lao Iu Mien Center tangs Church anti-racism workshop East Bay SPCA Fundraiser for variety of nonprofit orgs Albany Childrens Center Berkeley High School Berkeley public school PTA King Middle School Marin elementary school in Albany Miller Elementary welcome program El Cerrito High Family childcare/preschools
Lots of good causes - now you know where to send your extra stuff! Happy donating...

F. R.