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Reuse, recycle kids' clothes hangers?

May 2005

This is a really dumb and trivial question, but I am going crazy with all the plastic kids' clothes hangers that come whenever I buy my child clothes at stores like Target, Toys R Us, etc. When I remember or have time I have the cashier take the clothes off the hangers, but often (with 2-piece stuff) they seem to find it more trouble than it's worth... I've amassed quite a collection of teeny plastic hangers ranging from infant to toddler size. I hate throwing them in the trash. Do secondhand stores want them? Does anybody?
another guilty Berkeleyan

Why not just recycle them? -Oakland Mama

I'm surprised you haven't heard of ! Basically, it's a grassroots movement to reduce the amount of stuff going to landfill by freely recycling things you don't want anymore. Just sign up for the local groups, and get to de- cluttering! I know someone on the eastbay group right now who is looking for kids' hangers.

The bigger ones in the area are the eastbay freecycle and the oakland freecycle. Once you get set up in the group, you can post your OFFER: Infant and kid hangers and you will soon get rid of them. We have gotten rid of so much stuff - it's fantastic. Yay for freecycle!