Recycling Greeting Cards

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2007

A long time ago I was able to donate greeting cards I received to a nursing home for their arts and crafts cut and paste projects. I have since lost that connection. Even though I have relished the sentiments of my greeting card senders and enjoyed the cards on my fridge, I have found they are too lovely to toss and I have too many to store. Are there any artsy groups that can ''recycle'' the pictures of the assorted greeting cards? I would be happy to mail or drop off. Lia

The way that i give my greeting cards 'one last bang' is by tearing off the bottom written-on half (and recycling), then using the backs of the pretty picture for grocery lists. It's fun to discover an old wedding card or birthday card in the middle of andronicos! annie

I have seen old Christmas cards at the East Bay Depot for Creative Re-use , currently at 6713 San Pablo Ave. in Oakland, (510) 547-6470. If they're still accepting donations before their move, they will probably take your cards. Nancy