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Curb-side pickup for bulky furniture, etc.?

Nov 2008

Help! I'd like to find an easy way to get rid of bulky household items (old furniture...). Before when Waste Management had specific dates for once-a-year bulk pick-up I'd just put my stuff out on the curbe, but now that you have ''by-appointment-only-pick-up'', apartment buildings don't qualify. Is there any agency that takes donations of anything and does curb pick-up? Other bulk pick-up services in the Albany area? Thanks! Wanna clear my garage

You could try freecycle. Items I've posted to that list have gone very fast. Lise

I've donated rugs, sofa, etc to Salvation Army. You'll need to call and make an appointment. They usually like items at curb, but I couldn't get the sofa out there and they took it from in front of my garage. dana

Want to give away old furniture

Sept 2006

Does anyone know where to give away furniture such as old entertainment center? Trica

dedicated freecycler

we've given similar items to United Cancer Research; they come and pick up at your house for free (assuming items are in reasonable condition) and leave you a receipt for tax purposes. I think the number to call to arrange pick up is 1-800-443- 4224. If for some reason that doesn't pan out, there's always freecycle (online mechanism for finding a person in your area who wants your item; no money exchanged) Although there's no tax deduction, there is the pleasure of seeing your item go directly into the hands of someone who can truly use it. paula

Charity that can use furniture in good condition

May 2006

I have a dining room set & some living room furniture that's in good condition. Aside from the charities that sell these types of items, are there local charities (such as shelters, etc) that actually give furniture like this to their clients? anonymous

I consider selling or donating furniture to Cal students a worthy cause. Do you remember scrounging around trying desperately to furnish your first off-campus apartment with friends? And getting grungy 70's hand-me-down sofas from relatives (yet nonetheless so grateful)? I'd post in their daily paper or post notes somewhere on campus. You could make a student's day! Anon

Hi, The non-profit I work for accepts furniture donations and ONLY distributes them free of charge to clients, who are low-income people moving into a new housing situation. The program is based in San Francisco and will do free pick-ups in San Francisco; otherwise you'd need to drop it off at the program site. Contact info: phone 415.241.8300; 101 8th Street @ Mission in San Francisco; Phillip

First Place Fund for Youth ( 510-272-0979) provides transitional housing for youth emancipating from foster care to independent living. I know they seek donations of new household goods; I am unsure about used goods David

Where to donate old sofas and chairs

March 2006

We have a sofa bed couch and two stuffed chairs to give away. Salvation Army, St. Vinsent De Paul, Goodwill won't take them cuz' sunfaded/tan chairs a bit dirty/they have no more room. Don't want to take to dump. Where else is there to give them? Joann

I just received a notice in with my garbage bill that Hospice of Contra Costa Froundation will pick up reusable furniture for resale. The number is 925 674 9072. If you are not in CCC, you might see if Alameda Co. has a similar program. Claire

have you tried urban ore? they're down off san pablo, near the depot for creative reuse, i think 2 blocks south of ashby... you can look em up elzza

I've had great success getting rid of stuff by offering it on Berkeley and Oakland Freecycle. These Yahoo groups are open to anyone - I've given away a somewhat saggy sofa, cereal my kids hated, a toddler bed, tubes of diaper rash cream, *and* I've gotten a less saggy sofa, bunkbeds, etc. It's all free. Great people, great fun finding the right home for stuff.

Here's the website's spiel:

where one person's trash is another's treasure! We are ''changing the world one gift at a time''. Find out more about the VERY fast-growing international Freecycle movement at

Our goal is to reduce waste by connecting people who are throwing away unwanted items with others seeking the same items. No item is too big or too small, but since this is a FREEcycle list, ALL items must be 100% free! Keep it free, legal appropriate for all ages.

Oct 2003

I just got a new loveseat and recliner, and thought I could just call the Salvation Army or Goodwill to get rid of it, but NOO!! Neither will take couches anymore, and I don't know how many other homeless organizations and charity groups I've called and asked. No one wants to take it because it's a sofa bed, and insurance companies won't let them. It's perfectly servicable with a little cleaning and was a good friend for many years. It has stains because it's off-white, but a little cleaning would make it good as new--well, almost. It's on my front porch, and I'm afraid the neighbors are going to start to complain. Help!! Hopefully Couchless

Post that you have a free couch on the Parents Network Marketplace and Craigslist. Include a link to a picture for even faster results. Unless its hideously ugly or filthy it should be gone within a few days.

I'm sure if you put your sofabed into the ''FREE'' section of the Craigslist website someone will take it. It's easy and free to post on Craigslist. Someone out there needs what you have and if not, junk dealers peruse the free list constantly. Good luck. Jan

Have you tried craigslist? I have given away a lot of fairly mediocre furniture there and have always had LOTS of responses. anonymous

Look! Another poster for another question (where to donated baby stuff) produced this link: Building Futures with Women and Children and they are looking for donated couch beds! J12

we had the same problem. not just with the couch, but also with several old appliances. the Emeryville Community Action Program was the ONLY place that i could find, after much calling around. their number is 652.8422.

My suggestion is that you get the couch cleaned up (yourself or hire someone), and then it will be easier to get a new home for. You might try calling churches, synagogues, youth centers, the Parkway Theater, etc. Then there is always Craig's list. signed - we've got a couch already

Where to Donate a Nice Chandelier

Feb 2003

I have been trying to sell a chandelier that we brought here when we moved here from North Carolina. It really doesn't fit in my Berkeley house because it is bright brass. From what I've learned from resale shops bright brass is ''out'' now and impossible to sell. So now I'm on to donating this chandelier to a good cause, something like Habitat for Humanity where I know someone will enjoy having it. I really want to get a tax deduction because this chandelier cost around $800 new so just giving it away free on the Parents Network isn't what I have in mind. Does anyone have a recommendation an organization that would take the chandelier and ensure that it gets installed in a needy person's home? Thanks, Maria

Every year at this time the Oakland Museum holds its huge White Elephant Sale. I would imagine they would take a nice chandelier. I'm not sure if they'd certify it was worth $800, but they do give receipts. The general number is 238-2200, on the voicemail there's an option for the sale.

It's definitely a great cause to donate to(when you do, you are granted entrance to the sale in advance), and it's great to attend also because you find all kinds of amazing things and the money goes to the museum. Suzanne

In addition to habitat for Humanity, you could try Rebuilding Together (formerly Christmas in April). The Albany-Berkeley Emeryville affiliate has a website: R.K.

Sports4Kids We accept all sorts of items to help fund our in school sports programs. We sell them and use the proceeds. We have been accepting sports equipment, but are expanding to accept different items of value. Please look at our organization info and contact me if you are interested. Thank you!

How to get rid of old furniture

July 2003

Does anyone know of an easy way to dispose of old furniture? I am ashamed to admit we have a chair and sofa that were refused pickup by Salvation Army, so now I am at a bit of a loss as to how to get rid of them. Thank you! Claire

Take it to the dump! If you don't have a truck and/or need help, check out the classifieds in - there are usually people advertising hauling services. Before you do that, you may want to take a picture of the furniture and post an ad offering it for free on craigslist as well - if the stuff is not too bad (smelly, ripped, etc.) someone may take it off your hands. anon

Donations: Offer free on this site. Good Will sends a truck to pick up donations AND GIVES TAX RECEIPT. Sale: Several places on Gilman Ave, Berkeley (including one on south side of street at about 6th Ave) buy used furniture, and I believe Urban Ore, near Ashby in Berkeley, does as well. anon

I suggest calling the company that picks up your trash and see if they pick up larger items for an extra charge. My local service told me one time that they do this. Betty

I'm afraid that you'll have take them to the dump. It's in Berkeley, so it's not far, and you have to pay a reasonable fee to drop them off. If you don't have a way to cart them over there, you could also look in local weeklies or bulletin boards for guys with trucks who haul to the dump for you. In fact, if you call the dump, you could ask them if they know someone. Kate krezucha [at]

I've found that Salvation Army is one of the pickier donation places. If your furniture is still serviceable you might try contacting the San Leandro based group that supports adults with disabilities (sorry I can't recall name, but they've brought a truck by our place after I got the name from this list, maybe it is archived?). You might also try listing your furniture for giveaway on, no tax deduction, but it still goes away! need to clean house too

This is a good time of year to leave your furniture on the curb with a ''free'' sign on it. With Burning Man coming up at the end of August, many people in the Bay Area will be looking for desert-friendly furniture. If you don't want to leave it out, I'd follow the advice of the poster who suggested craigslist, and I bet you'll be rid of it quickly! burning mom

Donating an old couch


I have an old, heavy couch and some odds and ends of furniture pieces, none of which are very good or in good shape, and I need to get them out of the house so I can bring in some new pieces. Is there anyone who will haul away old furniture? I live in Richmond and Goodwill won't pick up in that part of the world. (One wonders why not...) Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

We've had a good experience with Bay Area Rescue Mission (used to be Richmond Rescue Mission). They will take anything that someone else can use (i.e. not broken or totally trashed) and will pick up furniture. Their web site is at and the phone number is (510)215-4555. Cathy