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Regulating Toxins

Nov 2006

Like anything these days - there is so much information out there - much of which one has to sift thru... We'd like to donate to an environmental organization that fights to more tightly regulate industry - specifically, keeping us safe from toxic chemicals, plastics, pvc, dioxins, etc.. Europe is much more advanced than we are on this. Greenpeace? anon

Try Environmental Working Group (http://www.ewg.org) They are a small, research-oriented group that does great work on toxics. A friend works there and I am always impressed with their projects. a fan

A *very* effective local group that does super, focused work on toxics (including PCBs and dioxins) is Baykeeper. Baykeeper's mission is to stop pollution of the Bay and Delta and over the years has been hugely successful doing policy advocacy and by suing the worst polluters. They have taken on the refineries in the North Bay and pesticide dumping agribusiness in the Central Valley. They are a small group but accomplish much. A big bang for your charity buck. Their website is Baykeeper.org. Great group. Great work. I have been supporting them for years Its our water too!

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

October 2001

Does anyone know an organization that is dedicated to helping the refuge--a small part of which is in danger of getting drilled for oil--and whose funds actually do so (as opposed to paying a top-heavy administration)? melanie

For the person wanting to know where to donate money to preserve the Artic Refuge, go to the following web-site: http://www.savebiogems.org/arctic/ That's the one! Good luck Sarah

You can donate to the World Wildlife Fund, email: www AT acsalaska.net, www.worldlife.org or to the Alaska Conservation Foundation in Anchorage (907) 276 1917, email Deborah Williams, executive director, dwilliams AT akcf DOT org. Contact them for more information. Anneke

Hi, I already deleted the post, but in a recent 'Recommendations', someone was looking for a group working on ANWAR, and they specified not wanting their $$ to go to a top-heavy organization. Well, this forwarded email is from a group I believe does great work, not only on ANWAR, but on extractive uses and road building on all U.S. public lands. They send out regular emails informing readers of crucial legislative and regulatory developments, who the key players are, and what should be expressed to them. What they DON'T do is shamelessly hit you up for donations, or spend donors' money on fancy headquarters, glossy mags, or big salaries. I know, because I used to work w/ Steve Holmer, their Campaign Coordinator, at Greenpeace in Washington, D.C., and I've seen the facility, and know their excellent work on behalf of U.S. wildlands. Well, now that I sound like an ad for the group, I'll shut up. But below is a sample of one of their alerts. Please pass on whatever parts of this email you think would be helpful to the entire list so that others might contribute as well. Thank you, John Jacobson Here's the link (the e-mail is too long to include) http://www.americanlands.org John

The Arctic Campaign has been a collaborative effort of many groups. In 2000, a group based in D.C., Alaska Wilderness League, was key. You might also try the Alaska Center for the Environment, Anchorage or Defenders of Wildlife, which I think has a program focussed specifically on Caribou protection. Mary