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March 2010

Berkeley Public Education Foundation (a 501c3) would be happy to accept your supplies and we will see they are directed to one of the public schools for use in art classes-- most likely Berkeley High School. You can contact me at molly_fraker [at] . We can issue you a letter documenting the items for tax purposes. Molly

Hi, The National Institute of Arts and Disabilities (NIAD) is a non-profit in Richmond that provides an art program that promotes creativity, independence, dignity, and community integration for people with developmental and other disabilities. I'm sure would love to receive your supplies. The number is 620 0290. Sydney

Aug 2005

Where can I recycle art supplies? I have bits and pieces of things, not enough to do anything by themselves - feathers, beads, paper, etc, etc. I know there used to be a place in Berkeley but I can't find it listed anywhere. Any ideas? Cathy

Here's one idea, for lots of things like this: talk to your local preschool, a teacher in an elementary grade, perhaps a home daycare provider if you know one, or to Habitot or another children's museum. I know that many people who work with children have been absolutely thrilled with my mother's donations of old fabric, yarn, and ribbon scraps. Our preschool routinely solicits old household ''odds and ends'' including stuff like small boxes and toilet paper tubes, pipecleaners, beads, feathers, and so on for the kids to use in building sculptures. I'll bet you could find somewhere that would love to have an occasional, or even a regular, supplier of odds and ends. The only problem would be paints; most kid places would only take stuff that's nontoxic. Karen

Editor note: the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is now located at 4695 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood.

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse Oakland/Berkeley border- 510.547.6470 open 11-6 Tues-Sun

Creative Reuse Depot ! Bananas may also take them (for child care centers). R.K.

You could try the Depot for Creative use or how about donating to your preschool or family daycare? I've done that a few times. Most daycares are happy to receive free art supplies. H.S.Brown

I would go to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse . 510.547.6470 Their webiste is: gan

The place you're thinking of is the Depot for Creative Reuse . A great resource, both for donating stuff and for finding weird, creative stuff for your own projects. JP

there is an awesome art depot on san pablo - i don't know the address, but it is just south of ashby...(going south on san pablo from berkeley on right hand side, peachy colored). they have all kinds of reused bits and pieces and would probably love to take your stuff too!! check it out - best resuse center ever. jessica

The East Bay Depot for Creative Re-use , on San Pablo in South Berkeley. They accept (and re-sell) an amazing array of bits and pieces of potentially usable stuff. Holly

There is only one place to donate your art supplies: East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse: beth

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is in Oakland, on San Pablo near Alcatraz.