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    I drive to SF often and have free (i.e. paid for by employer) parking at work so I like having my car in the city, but hate the traffic.  Having passengers in my car for carpooling works well since I get to use the carpool lane, but besides a few friends who I occasionally am able to give rides to or co-workers who choose not to drive some days, I don't know anyone to carpool with.  How do people find carpool partners?  I heard of a place that you can drive by and pick up passengers but I don't want to pick up complete strangers for safety reasons. We are also considering getting an electric car for commuting to be able to use the carpool lane this way, but finding carpool partners and keep using my existing car might be easier and cheaper. 

    You should absolutely try casual carpool. I have been a North Berkeley rider (rarely a driver) for nearly 11 years, and the system has been around for about 30, I believe. It's usually a few people trying to get to work on time and safely while they listen to NPR. There have been some more fun conversations or unwelcome interactions or something other than NPR playing and 3 horrible drivers, but these are rare and, aside from the 3 drivers, safe. I am wracking my brain to think of a time that a passenger (vs. the driver) made me feel uncomfortable. Nothing is coming to mind, aside from 1 unwelcome advance, where someone followed me to work (I ducked into another office building to lose him.) and was aggressive about trying to get my # once we got out of the car -- which I don't blame on casual carpool. If you pick-up from North Berkeley, it will cost you $2.50, since drivers generally do not ask for a toll contribution at North Berkeley. Other casual carpool spots are known for asking for a toll contribution.
    Good luck!

    Check out casual carpool, 

    There are designated pick up and drop off spots and also carpool etiquettes.  

    I've been both the driver and the passenger for many years, it's very safe and efficient, I highly recommend it!