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Mom's lingering problem after pink-eye

Aug 2011

I caught pink-eye for the first time in my life after my daughter had it, took the antibiotics...but MONTHS later I still have this wierd eye issue. My eye itches right at the lash line and sometimes the area swells, and I can actually see fluid under the skin. Again - only at the eyelash area. And very rarely, a tiny, tiny bit if gunk right at eyelashes. Anyone ever experienced anything like this? What kind of care did you get? I want it to go AWAY! Want to wear makeup again

It sounds like you have ''blufferitis''. It is best treated by using a warm compress on your eyes, especially in the morning. Also using a very mild cleanser on your eye lid. This should help a lot but it can take a while to completely go away. me too

Yike, sweetie!: If I were you - and probably others will say this - I'd go to my eye doctor right away. BTW, I went to my optometrist's a few weeks ago for dry and irritated eyes. He gave me a special cleanser for cleaning right at the lash line. Other advice that is good for your situation too: hot compresses and take fish oil supplements. But don't rely on that; get it checked out! (And take pre and pro-biotics for after those antibiotics - your surrogate mum speaking here, lol) Jessica

Yep, blepharitis. You can gently clean your lashes and lids with baby shampoo on a Q-tip or washcloth. If it's real bad you might need antibiotic drops, But to keep it from coming back it's the eyelash/lid cleaning that counts.