Birthday Gift for Nanny

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Birthday gift for nanny

March 2006

Our nanny has been with us about 1 1/2 years and don't know what would be an appropriate birthday gift. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also curious about what others have done. Thanks! curious

I think a gift certificate for a massage is an excellent idea. Nannys need a break too and probably need to release some stress. If you don't want to spend a lot of money you can get one from National Holistic Institute (NHI) which is around $30 or if you don't care about money then you can get one from The Claremont. I gave my daycare provider one for Christmas and she loved it! skashan

I am currently a nanny for a wonderful family and have recieved (from the child) simple gifts picked out by her (a scarf, a small travel toiletries bag and the like) Mom and dad make sure I get a nice card, signed by each of them personally. Gifts don't have to be extravagant to have meaning to your nanny. The big monetary bonus comes at the holidays only for me and that is fine. I suggest choosing a gift that would be best suited to your nanny. Is her job the only source of income for herself, her family or a 2nd income? Maybe a gift certificate to a pedicure/manicure if she likes that sort of thing. I had a friend who adored chocolates and was most happy with a fancy ''up market'' variety box once a year. Put a little thought into it and if your child is old enough to help - they should choose a gift or make a card. It will truely be appreciated! Nanny knows

M-O-N-E-Y. It's a great color and it always fits. susan

Depending on your Nanny's age and the degree of intimacy you have with her: a $50 to $100 gift certificate to an appropriate store or a small gift and dinner out. Miguel

I was a nanny for quite a while and it is hard work without much time for rejuvenation. I suggest a gift certificate for a spa treatment like a massage. Also, has dining certificates, and I love to give/use these. heather

As someone who has been a nanny and has hired a nanny, a nice cash bonus is ALWAYS appreciated. It may seem a little impersonal, but believe me, as a nanny it was so nice (and sometimes a relief if I had pending bills) to get an unexpected extra amount. And when we've given such a thing to our nanny she has really has thanked us profusely and usually says something along the lines of how it was really needed at that particular time. You can make it more personable by having your child(ren) help make a nice card and write something in it to the nanny about how much you sincerely appreciate specific things that your nanny does for them. Being a nanny can often be a job where a lot of extra efforts on the nanny's part may not be recognized, so good for you for doing something to show some appreciation. Former nanny, current mommy