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Best Womens Cycling Helmet

Nov 2011

I am looking for a new cycling helmet. I would like one that is well ventilated and sun visor. ...I don't really care about the price, just want a good safe product. ppinguelo

Best is a pretty relative term. I got my latest helmet at REI and works well for me. People's heads have different shapes so one type may be more comfortable than another. They usually come with some velcro padding to make some adjustment inside. It needs to be comfortable so you will wear it. I look for good ventilation, not too heavy, easy to fasten chin strap, and a bit of a visor over the front to decrease sun exposure. cocosar

As others suggested, there is not one 'best;' you have to try them on. I just wanted to add that I (a normal size adult woman) tried on several, and bought a 'youth' size helmet; it fit me better than the 'women' sizes. Many helmets now come in just one size per range, with an adjustable band in back, but I felt when the band was tight enough for my head, the shell had too much free play. The youth size was also cheaper (though of course fit is more important!). Also, check the manufacture date stamped inside, since, like car-seats, plastic helmets do have a limited protective life. R.K.