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    Our incoming 9th grader at BHS currently rides her bike to middle school.  She'd like to do this for BHS as well, but has heard from current BHS students that the bike racks there fill up really early so that it's hard to lock it up if they're all taken.  She's also heard that there's a lot of bike theft, though I don't know this means bikes locked on the street, or on campus.  So she's thinking of just taking the bus, which could be fine but would take away the advantage of leaving when she wants, on her timing (by bike).  Can anyone speak to bike storage and safety at BHS, and whether there's any move to install more bike racks any time soon? 

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    It sure would be great to have better bike storage - our daughter bikes twice a week, but only if it's dry because there's no cover, and she rides a pretty lame bike to avoid theft. You'd think it would be a no-brainer for Berkeley, but apparently not

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    Kate - I commend your daughter for riding her bike to school. I can't speak for what's available at Berkeley High, but there is bike storage just two blocks north of BHS at the new Center Street garage (2023 Center St.). It's staffed from 7 AM - 8 PM. See This could be a solution to overcrowded facilities at BHS.

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    My daughter rode her bike to school every day for 4 years (2014-2018) and never had a problem finding a spot in a rack on campus when she arrived at 8:15 or so. Likewise she never had a problem with theft. However, I did once see a student whose wheel was stolen while his bike was parked on campus. Many students lock their bikes on all the surrounding streets, mostly without incident. However, there is a general problem with bike theft around downtown, and bikes really must be locked securely. And I do know of people who have come out of the Y and found their seat gone, or their shifter handles, or a wheel. There is a secure bike parking facility a block away. However, I think in general parking on campus is feasible and safe. I don't think there is a plan to install more racks on campus.

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Bicycle Parking at BHS - concerned about theft

Sept 2001

Parking is a big issue in downtown Berkeley. However, one sector rarely raised is bicycle parking and bicycle parking theft. Bicycle riding is good exercise, non-polluting, space saving *compared to car parking), and yet, not promoted, or supported. My son, in his first week of school at bhs had parts stolen off his bike. We're taking a chance since during school his bike is parked for 7 hours a day in the same spot, an easy target. What can be done? Anyone out there on the Planning Commission? Yolanda

The garage on Central has bike racks. I do not know if it cost money to park a bike at the garage, but the bikes are in view of the attendants at the garage. Angela

re:bike riding to BHS. My older son used to park and lock his bike in the bike racks at the police station or right out in front of the courthouse or City Hall. He used one of those U shaped locks and took his helmet with him. Wfred

BHS is purchasing 40 bike lockers for teachers and 20 for students that will be placed on the lower courtyard (outside the Good Food Cafe). These lockers are the type you see at BART stations, and should provide protection from theft and theft of parts. While the 40 for teachers is probably about enough for us, the 20 for students is clearly just a start. I would suggest that (parents of and) students who ride to school let the administration know how many of them ride and ask for more lockers. Perhaps a petition could circulate with "I'll use the locker..." type wording. With the BUSD budget where it is, additional lockers probably won't be purchased soon, but maybe will be able to be placed in some sort priority list. Lee

There is a secure and attended bike station at downtown BART. It's open from 6.00 am to 9.30 pm on school days. It's run by the Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition (BFBC) as a free community service and they safety check bikes for free as well on Fridays. They welcome BHS bikes so long as the kids are respectful, pick up the bikes themselves, etc. For further information call 549-RIDE (7433). BFBC is supported by memberships (money or volunteering), for which you get an excellent newsletter. Call 898-0864 for further information. Roger