Baseball Themed Birthday Party

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Baseball birthday party for 7 year old

March 2010

We are looking for someone to hire for a baseball or soccer birthday party for a 7yo boy. We've considered Bladium, but would prefer an outdoor party, maybe at a park. We've also thought about a place with batting cages and other activities. Any ideas? birthday mom

I think you could do your own baseball party for cheap. We did one for our son last year. We ordered official caps for two favorite teams ($5.95 each at, and divided the kids into two teams. They loved the hats, which were also their party favor. There are enough adults who know the game to coach, so we just asked a few parents to stay and join the fun. Everyone stayed for hours. We roasted hot dogs on a grill and offered popcorn, soda, and beer for the adults. The only thing to make sure of is that the baseball field is available. If the party is in spring or summer, it may be hard to find one that isn't used for Little League games. Also, have a rain date on the invite. Have a great time! Soccer Mom