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  • Asherman surgeon?

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    Hi BPN families - after a recent D&C, I was diagnosed with Asherman syndrome (uterine scarring) through a saline sonogram. I was diagnosed with a moderate to severe case (~70%) and my Dr. referred me out to seek a surgeon. Does anyone here have recommendations for surgeons they've worked with (to remove scarring)? I'm looking for someone specifically with a goal of uterine health to the (hopeful) point of being able to carry a child. Also - if you had Asherman and worked with a surgeon and had a pregnancy afterwards, did you work with a special OBGYN and are there any names you could recommend? 

    Hi. I would recommend Dr. Heather Huddleston. She is very well known for Ashermans and practices out of UCSF Center of Reproductive Health.

    I had Asherman's syndrome and had surgery to remove it with Dr. Mitch Rosen at UCSF in the center for reproductive health. Make sure that they code it as Asherman's b/c my insurance covered it that way even though it was through reproductive health. I got pregnant about 6 weeks after the surgery and my daughter is now a happy and healthy 6 year old. I didn't do anything special during pregnancy (except standard prenatal care which I also did at UCSF). 

    In 1991, I had Asherman’s Syndrome following a D&C for a miscarriage. I was 40 and had already been struggling with infertility for some years, and it was all so very stressful. Once diagnosed (this took at least several months) I had a hysteroscopy, the scarring was removed by my OBGYN, and I got pregnant soon after that. That baby is almost 31! I went on to have a second child at 45. Both my successful pregnancies (there were several miscarriages) were during cycles without intervention, as it happened.
     My surgery and recovery were straightforward and physically easy. This all was decades ago; perhaps there are different treatments now. All the best to you. 

    Hi, while undergoing infertility treatments (IVF) about 10 years ago, I had a D&C that left "mild" uterine scarring, and my fertility doctor did an outpatient surgery to remove that scarring. Despite having many healthy embryos, I was never able to get pregnant again (we tried four more implantations after the surgery). So no one I'd recommend, but I do encourage you to seek a specialist rather than trust a generalist fertility doc (we were UCSF). 

    - A very happy adoptive mother

    Not sure if this is helpful but I had several large dermoid cysts on both ovaries that were discovered after I delivered my first baby. Had robotic surgery 8 months later with Dr. Lily Meiyu Tan (she's at Kaiser now), and made sure to let her know we wanted to get pregnant again (and we did 3 years later). She was excellent. Referring you to the Yelp reviews for more:

    Good luck. (She's very responsive via email, I hope you can get a referral if you're with Kaiser. If she's not able to help, I'm sure she can recommend someone who can).

    I didnt have ashermans, but had scarring from a complicated miscarriage, alongside some other issues that required multiple procedures to fix. I LOVED my OBGYN at USCF Dr Felicia Lester. She was amazing through my whole journey in trying to have a baby, and I now have a 1 year old. UCSF is definitely where you'll want to go for the best of the best - all complicated cases from around the bay area get referred to there. 

    Hi, so sorry for your situation. I also have Ashermans and first thing— glad to hear you were diagnosed (took me 8 months to find a doctor that believed my symptoms). 
    I have started going with Dr Heather Huddleston in the Center for Reproductive Health at Mission Bay. From my sessions, she has been fantastic, a great listener, empathetic and knows her stuff! 
    Cannot tell you how it ends as I’m in the middle of a series of hysterescopies as I have severe Ashermans. 
    Best of luck!!!

    I don't have a recommendation about a specific provider (hopefully you will get some good ones) but I do work in the field of infertility and I have seen a lot of Asherman cases. You must find someone who will not only remove the scar tissue but will insert a small balloon into the uterus after the procedure to keep the walls of the uterus from re-adhering together. The balloon is left in for several days and you are given a course of estrogen therapy to help thicken the endometrial lining. If they don't do the balloon and hormone therapy after the hysteroscopy with removal of scar tissue Asherman almost always recurs. The good news is that I have seen many moderate to severe cases of Asherman go on to successful pregnancies if the treatment is done correctly. Good luck!

    Hi, I also had Asherman, and three hysteroscopies to try to resolve it.  My doctor was at Kaiser, Dr Breneman and she was very good.  The third one she used the balloon and it helped.  I got pregnant after that and just had the baby a month ago.  I wanted to also mention to be aware of the potential for placenta accreta in your next pregnancy, I had it and it was a good thing they found it early on in the pregnancy and could plan the delivery appropriately.  As I understand, it can happen if the placenta grows on some of the remaining scar tissue.  Best of luck!! 

    I was in my 40s and trying to conceive naturally when my Kaiser RE, Dr Janie Hirata, found extensive scarring in my uterus, most likely from a D&C years before. She and a resident reproductive surgeon did the outpatient surgery, and I got pregnant with my daughter a month later. Prenatal care was normal, the pregnancy wasn't impacted by the surgery at all. In fact my Ob never mentioned it.