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Video Person for son's Bar Mitzvah

June 2010

I'm looking for a videographer for my son's bar mitzvah. Any recommendations for the east bay? thanks

I would recommend Evan Harrah who is a very talented videographer. I know you would be very happy with his work. Evan especially films Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. You can contact him at 526.7248 or email him at evanh [at] Evan's website is David

I can recommend Evan Harrar of Special Event Video I saw a wonderful video he did of a Bat Mitzvah. I was impressed with the way he captured the highlights, edited it and included a menu for ease-of-use. 510/526-7248 Lisa

Someone to edit my home movies and create DVDs as gifts

Nov 2009

I have a ton of video footage from home movies I have taken over the years. I would really like to get it all edited and burned to DVDs and uploaded to the web so I can distribute them as Christmas gifts. I want the end product to be more than just tranferring footage to a different format; I would like to personalize it with music, titles, and all the fancy editing techniques. Does anyone know of someone artistic and tech savvy to do the job? Polly

I've found the perfect person for you! I've been using a recent graduate to edit all the hours of video I have of my daughter. She's been both transferring everything to DVD, and also editing lovely clips that I've been posting online and sending to relatives and friends. She also does fully edited videos. She's great. The pieces are wonderfully edited, music, title cards. She's great, and very affordable because she's just started her own business. I highly recommend her. Her name is Lisa Ratner, website is, and her email is lisaaratner [at] Melanie

Video person for private concert

March 2009

This is kind of a rush...I'm having a house concert on January 31st and I'm looking for someone to come and video the concert and then give me a DVD. I'd like this person to be someone who knows what they are doing, but not a full fledged (ie:expensive) professional. Maybe a film student or someone who is really good with a video camera. I'm able to pay but not the high prices of a professional(we'll negotiate), nor do I need that quality. I just want this as my personal souvineer and maybe to put on Youtube. Any recs in a hurry are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Rapt Productions in Oakland offers start to finish video services: documentation, editing, DVD authoring, etc. They shoot music, dance, theater and opera - along with other non-arts corporate videos and events. Prices are reasonable and live concerts are their specialty. Visit strott

Videographer for Wedding

May 2008

Hi there, We are seeking recommendation/referal for our coming up August 8 wedding In Walnut Creek for all of the above, photographer, videographer and a DJ. Also, for a great bakery for a wedding cake. It's a small, low budget wedding, so cost is a major consideration for hiring the professionals. However, reliability and good product are equally important to us. Thanks

We were thrilled with our wedding vendors-- they're not dirt cheap, but we saved a lot of money on them compared to some high-end folks and the quality was great. Lumitone productions (based in concord)-- they're young and enthusiastic-- the video is great, but their real talent is the really excellent editing they do, to music, etc. Highly recommended. Molly

DVD of photos and music for my dad

Jan 2007

Hi. I would like to make a DVD with photographs of my dad set to a few favorite songs that remind our family of him. Does anyone know of a service that does this? Or does anyone know of software that I could purchase that would allow me to do this myself? Thank you in advance. Maryanne

Berkeley Media Center on Addison and Milvia were great. I did the exact same thing you are talking about two years ago and gave this as Xmas gifts. They make as many copies as you need and they provide you with a master. Jill

Audio Visual Consultants is a professional, full-service studio, and uses archival-grade DVD discs to enhance the audio and video signals. Their work is excellent and prices reasonable. Address: 3738 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 510-839-2020 Pamela

Video/movie for my parents' anniversary

October 2002

I'm making a surprise movie for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary, but I need a recommendation. I am looking for a video production company that can edit together for me video footage that I am shooting (of various friends wishing them well, telling stories about them, etc.), add photos and titles, possibly some voiceover and/or music and movie clips. There are lots of places listed in the phone book, but does anyone have experience with a person or company that they are willing to share, either positive or negative? The cost of this production will depend upon the number of hours needed for editing, so efficiency and integrity count for a lot. If there is a Parents Network subscriber who does this sort of thing, I would love to hear from you! Thank you! miriam

we've had terrific experience with the East Bay Media Center on Addison Street in Berkeley. They re-edited and dubbed new music for a shlocky video that was done of our wedding some years ago and -- just a few months ago -- put together a really nice video for my in-laws' 50th anniversary from old photos and home movie footage. maykutch