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  • Educational games for a 3rd grader?

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    Need recommendation on educational games/website for our 8 year old (3rd grader). Ideally on a computer, we don't let her use ipad/phone yet.

    - jisoo has great educational games sorted by grade level. They are engaging and follow state standards. They can be completed on a computer. We used this program in my classroom when I taught 3rd grade! has a huge amount of online books and is very engaging and fun, too! Both websites require a subscription. 

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Fun Educational Computer Games for preschoolers

Nov 2005

We are looking for some ideas for computer games for our kids (4 1/2 and almost 3 years old). Our kids don't watch any TV and haven't seen any videos or movies for the most part. Also where is the best place to buy them? anon

There are three great computer games which my son started playing when he was three. We did it with him initially, but now he likes to play by himself. It really is nice and trains his ear. There are sample games at their website. Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons; Mozart's Magic Flute, and the Nutcracker. I think you have to buy them on the web site.

Computer and Softwares for 2nd Grader

Sept 2005

Hello there, Our school told us that our daughter will be using computer for her 3rd grade work assignments. So far, our family has been focusing on books and social interactions and avoiding computer. I guess it's time to introduce computer to our daughter (she is now 7). Our daughter will be writing papers, making graphs and charts and using Internet access in 3rd grade. Do you have recommendations for the following: 1. Type of computers that are appropriate and easy for school children to use (with children softwares and Internet access and e-mail.) 2. Softwares that help children with writing stories and making charts? 3. Softwares that help children learn how to use keyboard and access the Internet? Very important, since I have no idea how I will help her to learn to use the computer. Thank you very much. Anonymous

I recommend checking out software from the library before you buy it. That way you will know for sure if it captures your daughter's interest. Helena

Learn-to-Read Software for 3 and 4-year-olds

August 2001

Can parents out there recommend any good learning to read CD-Roms for 4-5-year-olds? Thanks! Julie

we've got a few mercer mayer stories (just grandma and me, just me and my dad), one by broderbund and one by kidz corner. broderbund has also made others--the tortoise and the hare, i think--but although i bought them a few years ago as a teacher i can't find them for sale now. i like them becasue they don't have a lot of fast-action stuff and they're decent stories. the words are highlighted as the voice reads, andthe child can be 'read to' or click to turn each page, as well as clikc on individual words and objects. the reader rabbit 'school prep' type stuff (which we also have) is not as fun, and is somehow smarmy (although my daughter enjoys them all)... Jessica

The one my daughter enjoyed the best was Arthur's reading race ( works on both Mac and PC) lynn

Can anyone recommend a nice piece of software for pre-readers and children learning to read? My three year old son is very smart but not very verbal. His receptive language is great and he *loves* to be read to. We think he might get alot out of a program that says the name of a word and shows its spelling when you click on it or something like that.

I would be most thankful for any recommendations or even pointers on good places to look for such things. Thank you!

Please, please do not get any computer program that intends to get children to read, specially those marketed to three year olds! If your son loves to be read to, that's exactly what you should be doing. I recommend a wonderful book called Raising Lifelong Learners, by teacher educator and parent Lucy Calkins. She will talk about what is age appropriate and how to respond to your child's natural curiosity about print.

Three year olds should be playing with other children, using water and sand, building with blocks and talking and listening. Having complex conversations and reading a lot to your child is the best you could do for him right now

re reading software: We were very pleased and entertained by Reader Rabbit. There are also a bunch of free downloadable educational software programs on the net. I forget the site, but we searched under software, educational with success. I think one prolific software author is Proteus or something like that. He has programs for all sorts of things, including music. Sorry I don't remember more specifically.

From: Roger
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 0
Subject: Re: other CD-ROM thoughts

Parents looking for educational software,

I have been most pleased with The Learning Smith store located in the Stone Ridge Shopping center. (South West of the intersection of 580 and 680 near Dublin) They have multiple stations for running demonstrations of the educational and gaming titles which they carry. They have a good selection of both Dos/Windows and Mac software. It's getting quite busy with the approaching holidays, but still a great place to look.

I like many of the programs from The Learning Company and Davidson Software. Treasure Mountain Treasure mathstorm For a six year old boy the series from Sierra called The Incredible machine is nice for puzzle solving. For raw entertainment check out shareware title like Crystal Caves, Secret Agent, Commander Keen.

EECS grad student and
Dad of Heather, Gretchen and Rick