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I know a fabulous storyteller, named Michael Litzky. My daughter (age 4, almost 5) is absolutely enchanted with his tales, which come complete with different voices, songs, acting, and sometimes props and puppets. He has even been known to involve his audience as characters in the story, to great effect. He says that his normal rate is indeed $150 for a party (35 to 45 minutes for kids around age 5; 45 min to an hour for older kids), but that he is willing to negotiate based upon need, and that he could do $100. Give him a call! Here's his ad:

Tired of razzle-dazzle? I offer good old fashioned storytelling, with puppets and songs. Fabulous tales from around the world, full of kings and princesses, helpful animals and magical creatures. Michael Litzky, 510-865-3943.


Can anyone recommend a good storyteller or puppeteer for preschool age children? I'd like to have someone come in to my childrens' preschool to entertain the kids while the parents meet in another room. Cynthia

Muriel, a teacher at Monteverde Preschool is a wonderful storyteller. She has done a tour of local libraries etc. She could probably be reached at the school 848-3313. Leah