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Artist who does pet sketches

Feb 2012

Hi there, I would like to get a pencil sketch done of my dog. Can anyone recommend any local artists? Thanks

Check out these pet portraits by Oakland artist, Amy Jo Evje: http://www.etsy.com/shop/amyjoevje Melissa

Portrait artist to paint 8-year-old daughter

Feb 2008

I am looking for a portrait artist to paint my 8 year olds portrait. I know she will not sit for this but would really like her personality captured. Can this be done by a mere photograph. If you have any experience with local artists I would like to hear about it. They do need to be reasonable as far as fee goes. Anon

Barbara Lipson is a local artist who specializes in portraits of kids AND she paints from photos so your daughter won't have to sit still. She did a family portrait for me, so I'm not sure how much her single-kid portraits are, but I bet she's pretty reasonable. Another plus: she's a mom herself, so she knows what you're looking for and she understands kids. Her website is www.barbaralipson.com Annie

I highly recommend Jeanne Carlson -- 415.482.8708. She did our two sons' portraits using photographs and we are thrilled with them. I'd be happy to send you photos if you like. Just email me directly. alison

We just had portraits of our kids done by Barbara Lipson, a local Berkeley artist, and I could not be more pleased. She exceeded our expectations and captured the personalities exceptionally well. I highly recommend her. Check out her website at www.barbaralipson.com. Rebecca

Artist to paint a portrait of my kids

Sept 2007

I'm looking for an artist to paint a portrait of my kids ... any updated recommendations of local artists? Anon

I don't know the name of the artist, but Argento Jewelry in Montclair Village represents someone who does great portraits -- I think they're watercolors -- that I always admire when I walk by. If you contact the store (510-339-2525 or argentomontclair[at]hotmail.com) they could probably give you more details. JP

I just had our family's portrait painted by Barbara Lipson, a artist here in Berkeley. Our family portrait was full of fabulous Renaissance details (she put us in a Botticelli setting), but she also paints classic single-subject portraits, and she specializes in kids. You can see some of her stuff at barbaralipson.com, but I suggest calling her (510-527-2782) to see her whole portfolio. Her prices are way reasonable, too. Annie

Friend of our family, amazing artist...she specializes in portraits, especially of children. You can see her work on her website: meadwebster.com Laura

I can highly recommend a portrait artist. He isn't local, lives in Colorado and works off of a photograph. He can send you beautiful examples of his work. He is amazingly inexpensive because he is building a portfolio but has been painting faces for years and is an accomplished fine artist. I was very pleased. His name is Daniel and can be reached at daniel[at]danielmagoon.com 719 431 3390 Anne B

I would like to HIGHLY recommend Laurent Dareau as a portrait artist. I had him paint individual portraits of my three children and couldn't be more thrilled with the pieces. In fact, everyone who has looked at the paintings have commented on how amazingly well he has captured the personality and true image of my kids. He is just great. He lives in L.A. but travels up to the bay area frequently for work, and is a former portrait artist for the French Army and Foreign Legion. You can view his website at: www.laurentdareau.com. feel free to contact me if you have any questions. -tami

Artist to paint my childrens' portraits

July 2004

Looking for recommendations for an artist to paint my children's portraits. The archive recommendations are a few years old so I am hoping for an update. Also, if you can share what sort of price range to expect to pay for various options, I would appreciate it, so I know what I might be getting into. Thanks. Leo

I highly recommend Jeanne Carlson to do portraits of your children. Though she works in pastel, her portraits are high quality, frame-worthy, works of art. Several of my friends have had portraits of their children done by her and everyone has been quite pleased. Jeanne can send you samples of her work via email: Jeanne Carlson, portrait artist = neighmoo AT comcast.net Love my portrait!

Portrait for 1-year-old's birthday

November 2001

To celebrate our daughter's first birthday, we were thinking of hiring an artist to do a portrait. I was thinking of a charchoal drawing and my partner had a painting in mind. We were wondering if anyone can recommend an artist they have used for a child's portrait. & /or any tips on finding one. Thanks! Jeannine

For the people who were interested in portraits, my friend Nancy Vachani might be able to help you. She has been doing this for years, and has some wonderful portraits of her children decorating her house. Check out her website for more information: www.masterpieceportrait.com Shahana

My mother, Cynthia Kelly, is a portrait artist in Berkeley. She has only been doing portraits for a couple of years, so her prices are quite reasonable. She does watercolors, pencil and oil paintings. She belongs to an Association of Portrait Artists. You can contact her at 510-848-1277 or by email ckelly AT california DOT com. She lives in Berkeley and has a number of pieces that you can look at to get an idea of her work. Elaine

I have two recommendations for those looking for a portrait artist. Both are not located in California, but it would not matter if working from a photograph anyway. One is an illustrator who did a charcoal/pencil drawing of my husband and me for our wedding announcements that we just love, and we have had many compliments on it. Her name is Amy Bates and you can contact her at batesa AT umich DOT edu or see her website at www.amybates.com. The other recommendation is for Anne Hammond. She is a portrait artist who works with a few different mediums, but specifically likes doing portraits of children. You can contact her at anneartist AT yahoo DOT com. Jennette

I can recommend Lisa Evans portrait studio in Lafayette. She takes amazing photos which can be printed on canvas and painted to look like potraits. She also does or pencil sketches of black and white or sepia photos, depending on what you want. Be sure to ask about prices before going in for a sitting. Some may find her pricey, but her work is fabulous. Nancy

My friend, Phoebe Ackley, is an artist & community activist. I've seen some beautiful portraits she has done from photos (an added bonus if you want a portrait of a squirmy wormy young one!) You can contact her at aphoebe AT pcmagic DOT net mcherman

I want to recommend my cousin, Gradiva Cousin, who is a wonderful portrait artist. Check out samples on her website: http://www.gradiva.com/ Merry