Penn & Teller for Kids?

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We saw in the pink section that Penn & Teller are coming to town. I looked on their website and it didn't mention their suitability for children. We have a 6 year old who loves magic. I saw them many years ago and loved the show, but do remember it as being pretty twisted. Has anyone seen them recently or have any ideas about how their show might be for kids? Thanks, Laurie

To take your 6 year old to see Penn & Teller is a personnal choice but from what I heard on the radio commercial for the show, my choice would be a definite no. The commercial mentions something about how there will be no TV people telling them what they cannot do. To me this implies that they will be doing tricks that are not OK for TV, not my idea of entertainment for young children. The other thing the commercial says that makes me cringe is that they will be throwing a bunny rabbit into a chipper shredder, yikes! Yuri

I went to see Penn & Teller a few years ago and while I enjoyed it very much I think they might be too dark for your average six year old. There's also a lot of somewhat sophisticated humor which I think six year olds would miss, and as a result would be somewhat bored. Myriam

I quite agree with the two other posters. I would NOT take a six-year-old. Penn and Teller are FANTASTIC, but I think they are too disturbing for little guys. There are some morbid little six-year-olds out there, I'm sure, but I would recommend getting a babysitter and going by yourselves!! The act is very much geared toward adults. Melissa