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  • My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Half Moon Bay in August and we'd love to hire a mariachi band as part of the celebration. The one band we've heard locally (Mariachi San Francisco) is not available. And we heard an all female group in Richmond who were amazing but we didn't get their contact info and don't remember their group's name! Anyone have any mariachi band recommendations who play for private parties? The venue is outside. Thank you!!

    You probably heard Mariachi Feminil Orgullo Mexicano in Richmond.  They are based in the Bay Area and they are awesome.  They played our wedding 7 years ago.  Here is their website: You can submit a request for booking through their website. 

    You may be thinking of

    Mariachi Femenil Orgullo Mexicano .

    Catherine John is a member (maybe the leader) -- she is on Facebook at

    The UC Berkeley mariachi band is fantastic! And they do play private events, but I am not sure how many students will be back by the time of your event (classes start 8/24). Also, Half Moon Bay may be too far - not sure how many have cars :)

    anyway, their contact info is on their website: (and their YouTube channel is linked there too so you can listen to some of their music to get an idea)

    congrats to your parents!

    We used this great group for our wedding and we were very happy:

    Super professional and the singer had a beautiful voice. I wanted her to be able to sing all of Linda Ronstadt’s mariachi hits and she was fantastic.

    Good Luck!

    Several years ago my daughters learned to play mariachi.

    Two of their teachers were Felipe Garcia, who performed with San Jose Tapatio

    The other teacher Jorge Rodriguez lead the group called Mariachi Estelar

    We can recommend them. Good luck!

    Back in the 90's my friend co-founded the all-college-student Mariachi Cardenal de Stanford. Full disclosure: I haven't heard them play in years, but they used to be AMAZING. Looks like they are still going strong and available for gigs all over the bay area:

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June 2001

Hi, I'd like to have a mariachi band play at my husband's 35th birthday party in July. Does anybody have experience in doing this? Your thoughts would be appreciated, I'm not sure where to start. Sioux

My neighbor is in a mariachi band. The group is called Mariachi Ortega. The leader is Henry Ortega and he can be reached directly at 9256857896 or through his email at boliboli at They also have a website: Good luck. Hilary
Here's a phone #'s. Mariachi Oro de California 510-701-2316 or email info AT
Happy Birthday! L
(contact numbers updated July 2003)