Hula Dancers

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March 2002

Hi, We're giving our Dad a retirement party and want to hire some Polynesian dancers/entertainers, we started searching the Web but hasn't been successful. Does anyone know of or can make any recommendations. Need for April 6th. Thanks:-) Yolanda

For Polynesian entertainment, try: I think that this site and this group might be a good starting point for you. There's probably a good chance that some number in the organization would be available for a private party. One of my former male co-workers performed with the group, and the show that I went to see where they performed at San Francisco State was awesome! Good luck - Eileen


We're on the hunt for Hawaiin Dancers to entertain at a child's birthday party. Any recommendations out there? Thanks... diana

For Hula Dancers, try Hui Hula O Na Puu E Kanoe, based in Berkeley. Kalena Gregory's troupe includes both children and adults and they entertain at all sorts of functions. Kalenahula AT Stacey