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Things to Do in N. California with Kids

Aug 2008

I'm looking for a good book on activities/adventures in Northern California with kids. The ones I have seen have had a lot of restaurants, etc. in them and that isn't interesting to us. I'd rather creative ideas for day trips that are within an hour or so of the Bay Area, as well as camping/biking/hiking ideas that are doable with kids. I didn't grow up here and so don't know the area all that well. I find my friends taking their kids on these creative/fun adventures that I never would have known about. Would love to be able to do some research on my own. Thanks anon

I just picked up the new Bay Area Mama Handbook (Contra Costa Edition 2008/2009) and it's great. It lists everything from seasonal events to fun things to do at home. We're new to this area too and it's a great resource. new ''Bay Area mama''
I was just given a copy of the ''Bay Area Mama Handbook'' for my birthday. It's got everything you've mentioned you are looking for and lots more. It's sold at most local book stores. My husband bought my copy at the Laurel Book Store. Have fun!