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Books about what to expect

Feb 2011

Looking for a book recommendation about what to expect from menopause - pre, during and post. Physical and emotional expectations. Thank you! struggling with life change

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause. I really like this whole series of books on women's health. our bodies, ourselves fan

I have a few. The two I like best: ''The Wisdom of Menopause'' by Christiane Northrup. It has a nice blend of medical information and friendly advice.

''Is It Hot in Here? Or Is It Me? The Complete Guide to Menopause,'' by Pat Wingert and Barbara Kantrowitz. This one is laid out similar to the ''What to Expect'' books, e.g., lots of Q It is a good one to pick through because it isn't lots of long chapters.

The other book I have was given to me by my SIL: ''New Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way,'' by Susun S. Weed. Lots of alternative medicine and herbal suggestions. I can't really recommend it at this point because I haven't fully investigated it, but it looks pretty cool. And my SIL is always spot-on with her health recommendations. Mary

Books about surviving menopause

April 2009

Can anyone recommend a resource or book on menopause that's got good information and recommendation for taking the changes in stride? The ones I've seen make me feel like I'll be never enjoy sex again, lose all my hair, get fat, alternately rage or weep, and be condemned to insomnia forever. It can't really be that bad, can it? Where can I find the advice on how to survive this stage? Facing the Inevitable

I really like The Wisdom of Menopause by Christianne Northrup, and have recommended it frequently to my patients. It really turns around the conventional paradigm of menopause, talking about how it can be the most creative, passionate, and inspiring time of life. Definitely not all hot flashes and low libido! Tara

Entering perimenopause, need information

May 2005

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good book about menopause. I'm 43, and I think I'm entering perimenopause. My monthly cycle is getting increasingly shorter, and the last few months I've had a lot of spotting irregularly during the month. I have a feeling I'm probably experiencing more symptoms of perimenopause than I realize, because I am really quite uninformed. I'd like to get a cleared sense of what lies ahead. Thank you.

I don't know about books, but a friend told me about this website, which had the kind of information I wanted: Ginger

hands down- the best book is ''What Your Dr May Not Tell You About Premenopause''- your hormones from age 30 - 50 by Dr. Lee- this is a book i think every woman should read- very infrormative, easy to understand and very user friendly helaine

A couple of good books on menopause as a natural life event are: Susun S. Weed's ''The New Menopausal Years'' and Dr. Christiane Northrup's ''Wisdom of Menopause.'' Both books are wonderfully comprehensive and address menopause holistically. Happy reading! M

This is advice as much as a recommendation. Call your gynocologist and make an appointment. Your doc will probably have you keep a record of your cycles for several months. Mid-cycle spotting is not a sign of perimenapause. It can be a sign of endometrial cancer as well as other gynocological problems. I had mid-cycle bleeding and my self-diagnosis was also peri-menapause, but it turned out I had endometrial cancer (after a year of keeping records of my cycles, which was longer than it should have been). If it is caught at the earliest stages (called hyperplasia, if I remember correctly), it can be managed with hormones, rather than with surgery.

During my research, I found that mid-cycle bleeding is not normal and should be investigated. Other risk factors for endometrial cancer are being overweight, and having a history of preclampsia. Be assertive in investigating what's going on. If you want to contact me, ask the moderator for my email. anon

I love the book New Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way, Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 (Wise Woman Ways) by Susan S Weed It says it's for anyone over 30. You can read more about it at Susan

I recently read the book on menopause by Christiane Northrup. She is an M.D., but has a very holistic approach. She also describes how this time can be a tremendous time of personal growth for women. I found it to be very motivational and inspiring. eve