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Where to find value of old book

May 2010

I have recently inherited an 107 year old book, original first edition, which after some minor google investigating, I think may have some value. Does anyone know of somewhere to take books to have them appraised? dana

One way to find out the value of an old book is to go to That's an online resource--they sell old and new books, and have a huge inventory, both their own and from other sellers. By carefully entering all the information about your book, including date and edition information (look on the back of the title page, on most books) and the condition the book is in, you'll find other copies of similar books and can get idea of your book's value. If you come up with NO results (and made no typos)--well, then, you really do have a ''rare book''. Judy in Berkeley
Moe's on telegraph. Go upstairs, they should be able to do an appraisal for you. ana
You might also try Serendipity books on University ave. They sell rare books and first editions. I imagine that, if they can't appraise it for you, they can refer you to some one who can.