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    My almost adult son (age 20) has allergies to many environmental things. We have done meds and homeopathic treatments and shots through Kaiser. He is now willing to try acupuncture. Does anyone have an accupunture practitioner they recommend for allergies in Berkeley or Oakland? Thanks!

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    Are you sure his allergies are not food and food additive related?  My son, daughter and I all have allergies and through trial and error we found it was being caused by what we were eating.  As far as I know there are not any tests for this.  Years ago I was getting tested at Kaiser I had a suspicion it was diet related.  When I asked my Kaiser physician he just kind of snickered and said it's impossible.  Interestingly earlier this month I learned people have been found to be allergic to beef and there is a test for it.

    We found our allergies were related to a few specific foods, preservatives, how the foods were prepared, (cooking oils, spices),  used in the food, specific brands of prepared foods and specific restaurants.  Sorry I can't be more specific, but it was through trail and error we have found our allergies are related to the food we eat. 

    Pay particular attention to preservatives, the cooking oils uses, spices and brands not so much the food.  Something we found is the freshly prepared foods have preservatives sprayed on them to make them look fresh during the day.  Foods, like bread, nuts,  fruits, vegetables cause the least problems.  Prepared foods, foods prepared in restaurants, spices, cooking oils like PAM  and specific brands of foods are the absolute worst.  

    Your son might have an insect/food allergy.  It's been recently discovered an insect bite can make one allergic specific foods.  Look-up Alpha-gal.  If you son has real allergies an acupuncture might provide temporary relief but won't cure it.  The cure for us is identifying the food that's causing the allergy and avoiding it.

    Good luck, I personally know how terrible this is.

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    Dr. Richard Liao on Solano Ave. in Albany. Totally cured me of my seasonal allergies when I moved to the Bay Area at age 24.

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    I go to a wonderful acunpuncturist in Mill Valley for allergies.  I know that's not Berkeley or Oakland, but I have found the drive worth it.  Farangis Tavily is a NAET acunpuncturist and this modality gets rid of all your allergies in 12 sessions.  It's truly miraculous.  She was recommended by my chiropractor for removing blocks to vitamins and minerals such as iron, and I found that getting rid of my allergies was a huge bonus (life changing in fact).  This was the first year I didn't have to get prescription allergy medicine during hay fever season! Farangis Tavily's contact number is 415-302-7907 and you can check out NAET at  Good luck!